Season 6 Casting – “Ben” and 2 Texans

After yesterdays news about the mysterious Macklyn (Rutger Hauer) joining True Blood Season 6, it looks like the Casting Crew are back in full swing with another new character, who again will have Sookie Stackhouse connections.

If you don’t want to be spoiled – please don’t cross the line.

According to TV Line:

True Blood | Rutger Hauer won’t be the only new face surfacing during Season 6 of HBO’s supernatural drama. The show is also casting the series regular role of Ben, an “ultra charming, ultra handsome” fella in his late 20s/early 30s who is magnetic to women and menfolk alike, all while using his Southern gentility to mask a dark, dark, darrrrrk side. Watch for Ben to cross paths with Sookie soon after his arrival.

So another mysterious male character who might not be all he seems. My first thought was fairy, as they do seem pretty irresistible on the show. Could Sookie’s “other” family be about to invade Bon Temps?

It certainly looks like our favorite waitress is going to be in the middle of the action next season, just so long as she has a big Viking Vampire by her side to protect her, we’ll be just fine with that!

Let us know if you have any theories on “Ben”.

Source: TV Line


According to UK Eonline there are a couple more casting calls now out.

We’ll also meet the governor of Texas, a Rick Perry-type who is a warmonger, and his daughter, who is pretty and originally comes off as fearful, but will prove to be quite tough. Both will recur throughout the season.

Not really sure what to make about the Governor of Texas in True Blood, as we are all hoping the main action will take place in Bon Temps next year, and unlike the additions of  Macklyn and Ben, we’re not too fussed about this. Doesn’t sound like it’s Sookie or Eric related (at least let’s hope not). Any ideas?

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27 comments on “Season 6 Casting – “Ben” and 2 Texans

  1. The more the better . As long as the viking & Sookie are together in season 6 . We will be happy . Rutger great cast news …

  2. I agree with you Evie, I think that the fae storyline is going to be forefront this coming season. I, too, think that Ben is a Fae and I believe he is representative of the evil fae line of Sookies’ heritage. I keep thinking along the lines of Preston from the books tho’. I sure wish TB followed the books a little as I really don’t know what to think anymore.

  3. Ladies:
    This “Ben” sounds like Bill Compton doopleganger?~ he’s supposed to be charming,fae/vampire are attracted to him,all the while using his Southern gentility
    to hide a very dark dark dark darrrrrkkkk side???

    Redthang914 you maybe very correct when you think that Ben maybe the EVIL
    representative of Sookie’s heritage

    Trueblood stopped following the books Charlaine Harris wrote two years ago.

  4. I hope they don’t fall into the old story lines from before. I mean come on…Eric tried to glamour Alcide to get rid of him. Sam has Luna…Bill has gone crazy…stop throwing guys at Sookie JUST so she won’t be with Eric like she’s supposed to be. It’s getting tiresome to the fans that want to see the show more like the books and have Eric and Sookie together.

    • I don’t think that’s what it is, seems like he might be just another person she has to watch out for. The description was a little too much like Bill for my tastes, I doubt she would be stupid enough to go down that road again. And if he’s a fairy, she’s probably related to him.

      • Yeah, I don’t think this is going to be a love interest (unless some fairy magic is involved). I’m thinking fairy wars at the moment.

  5. Yes, Ben sounds like a fae to me as well, plus we all know there is never going to be easy for Eric and Sookie to get together …Eric loves her but he will be very cautious of falling back in to a place where it is one-sided, like he wants to be with her but she doesn’t want him again and I feel like Nora will be a problem too because of the vampire brother/sister sex relationship they have so this Ben will be a distraction and probably like Tammy said a relative of Sookie’s as well. Obstacles will get in the way but I still see them getting together sometime in season 6.

  6. I think he’ll be like Quinn,the were-tigger. I think Sookie tries to makes Eric jealous when he’s w/ Nora. I think Nora’ll pay this Ben to keep safe from Warlow,& she need Eric to help her to rebulid the authority. But Eric finds out about the bribe,he will be pi** at Nora.

    • I think they have more important things to worry about than trying to make the other jealous, and that doesn’t describe Quinn at all. I’m still going with fairy on this one.

  7. I wouldn’t mind seeing a closer family tie to the fairies, as in the books (now that I have finally been able to read them). Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the books aren’t Eric and he great whatever grandfather connected in efforts to keep Sookie safe? I don’t mind Bill straddling the line of good and evil (in fact, I like the TB Bill better than book Bill). I liked how he wrestled with what was left of his humanity and his vampire nature (seemed vampire nature won out most of the time), so I hope Billith was just a cliff hanger…like I said once before, maybe Salome silvered the blood, which was so old and strong it regenerated itself, and “cured” Bill from the true death. I agree with Shelli, are they finally bringing Quinn into the picture? And maybe we can get rid of Nora by putting her in charge of the authority…maybe a leash on Steve Newlin and continue using him as the face of the AVL. He did do a good job of putting on the conservative face of a religious/political front man. But oh…how I will miss Russell! And let the LOVE FLOW~ Eric and Sookie need to hook up! Once and for all! With Pam’s blessing (after all, she has Tara now…right??!!)

  8. Rutger Hauer’s “Macklyn” could very well be “M. Warlow”?????
    The “M” standing for Macklyn
    he could be the “Evil link to Sookie’s fae side of the family.?
    We’re not going to be seeing Quinn~ we’ve not gotten a casting call for a
    “750LB Bengal Tiger/Shapeshifter/Human with Purple eyes”
    If we were going to get Quinn, we would have seen him already?

    • Alan Ball already said there were no plans to cast Quinn and even if they did, he probably would be completely different from the books.

  9. I remembered at Comic Con ’12,Gay Al said he isn’t charge next season,because the fan asked him there’ll be a Quinn or Were-tiger’s appearing on the show. He also said Mark & team will be doing the casting when he gone.

  10. I remembered at Comic Con ’12,Gay Al said he isn’t charge next season,because the fan asked him there’ll be a Quinn or Were-tiger’s appearing on the show. He also said Mark & team will be doing the casting when he gone.

  11. You know we are going to get slammed with casting calls for this season just like last season. I really don’t care as long as we get some Eric and Sookie time this season. One thing I hope is that this season is a whole lot better than the last or I can see it being the last. All these made up story lines would be great if they were good but they haven’t been. Out of 12 episodes last season only the last was worth watching twice. Here’s to hoping the writers give us some of what we want this year, which is more Eric and Sookie.

    • I really, really hope so…. if they move away from E/S it will be a big mistake …I am worried they’ll give Sookie yet another love interest and keep Eric/Nora thing…maybe he’ll stay in friend and protector category with Sookie.
      Seriously I think it’s up to Sookie now….if she doesn’t give him any signs, Eric will never act again on his feeling …. please writers give us what we want *begging on my knees*

      • I honestly don’t know how she would find the time to deal with another love interest, the Eric/Nora thing only happened because they were both trapped in the Authority and had no one else to turn to. It was never anything romantic, and I have to hope the relationship won’t continue next season, at least in that way. I still don’t see Eric and Sookie ever hooking up again, but I just want more scenes between them and for them to at least be friendly to each other. They’ll have to work together now, and that’s mostly all I care about.

        • I don’t see why they would bring in another love interest for sookie with all she has going on with Billith and Warlow stuff…..I disagree they Eric and Sookie wont ever hook up again ….I am pretty sure they will next season and Eric and Nora i hope them having sex we wont have to see that ever again.

        • I really really hope this relationship didn’t last long. Sookie’s relationship w/ Quinn didn’t last. Isn’t he abusive to or threat her after she broke up w/ him?

          Rememer in the clip,Jason mentioned Warlow & Nora answered? I think Nora arranged a ben thing to replace Eric as Sookie’s protector,because she need Eric for the authority. Or she’ll tell Warlow where’s Sookie is. Remember she’s very good liar? I think she lied to Eric that never seen a faery,but she knew something about them.

  12. oh sorry about that,luvvamps. I got confused there for the moment.

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