Ciao Roma! The Final Day Of Fiction Fest

So it’s a fond farewell and a great big thank you to Roma Fiction Fest. We have thoroughly enjoyed the show – The Skars Show that is of course. The festival came to a close last night with a pink carpet event attended by our favorite viking, Alexander Skarsgard. Thank you to the organizers for inviting True Blood, and for making the start of this year’s show hiatus a little less painful to bear!


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Some more interviews are now on-line as well, where he talks about Eric. (As usual, please excuse the google translations).

At TvZap.

The human face of the vampire rock star

 The series is so crazy, so over the top, the character so unique and complex that I loved him immediately: he is first introduced as a villain but then reveals a certain depth, the bottom is also vulnerable and I liked him a lot. I’m still discovering many things about him, this is so interesting to continue to interpret. And then of course, all those things like ripping hearts fly, shred the people are great. I love doing these things (laughs)!

At FilmIt.

Vampire over the top

It was 2007 and I was in the African desert to shoot Generation Kill, an HBO show focused on the war in Iraq. I got this call from my agent saying to me, ‘They want to interpret a Viking vampire in a TV series for  Alan Ball. I’ve always been a big fan of Six Feet Under, so I’m excited now. I remember being in Mozambique and walking on the street while talking on the phone for the first time with Alan. He won me over and told me that this vampire was introduced as ‘the bad guy on the throne.’ ” Have you ever had to put pressure on Alan Ball to intervene narrative about your character? No. The truth is that I was blown away right then: little by little, in fact, I realized that the character of Eric goes beyond the concept of evil. Suddenly he is able to show off a softer side, almost tender. One side fair. He was great having to play with a broken heart as when Godric commits suicide.

And one from The Wall Street Journal

Your character on “True Blood” was redeemed in an unexpected way this season. Did you like the twist?

AS: It was an interesting direction that Bill went to the dark side and not [Skarsgard’s character] Eric because Bill has always been this southern gentleman and kind of the good, sweet guy and Eric has been the darker one of the two. Instead of doing the obvious easy choice, instead of letting Eric go even darker and turn to some sort of villain again, if he ever was, and it’s cool that he now has to protect Sookie and that Bill has gone bat shit crazy.

We think it’s cool that Eric is protecting Sookie now too, let’s just hope that continues next season!

Image sources: Twitter@Fiction Fest  and askarsswedishmeatballs

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6 comments on “Ciao Roma! The Final Day Of Fiction Fest

  1. To us, having Bill go to the dark side makes the most sense. It wouldn’t work with what we know of Eric’s character, so I’m glad they went in that direction. Bill always had more potential to be evil than Eric did.

    • Yeah, there was always something sinister about Bill. Ostensibly he was the Southern gentleman, but he also showed hints of something darker below. From the time he hid in the shadows and let Diane and Malcolm and Liam menace Sookie at his house it was clear there was a darkness within. Eric, however, was ostensibly the villain with hints of something better within. It wouldn’t have been anywhere near as interesting story-wise for Eric to progress to doing increasingly bad things and succumb to Lilith. It wouldn’t make sense taking into account the character’s Viking history, either. Anti-heros are far more interesting characters than heros. And my shipper heart certainly agrees that it’s cool that he has to protect Sookie. :D

  2. I totally loved Season 5~I knew that Eric was going to save Sookie again.
    And I loved it that Eric got to get total revenge on Russell Edgington.
    Russell’s greedness cost him his life~after he tasted Sookie he only wanted more
    of her or her kind Eric staked Russell after he was blasted by the fairies.
    Eric knows he has to protect Sookie from Bilith and the other rogue Vampires
    who must be stopped~ he also has to meet with Jason and the other people
    and they have to find out who really killed Sookie’s parents?
    I’m not buying the storyline that the Vampires did it
    I still beleive Charlaine Harris’s version that it was the fairies.

  3. Well, now that Rome is over and done with I believe that Alex is heading to Sweden for a little R&R now. He must be pooped by now and surely can use some family/friends time.

    I know that we’ll probably be going into awhile of missing seeing Alex much in the next few months as we’ve gotten really spoiled rotten with all the extra pics this year between the promos for his pics at the festivals, the cologne promos and the Rome Fanfest over now, but at least with the Holidays fast approaching, the 1st of January and news of TB and Alex will be back.

    • yeah, I think Alex definitely deserves a rest so he can get ready to go into Eric mode again in the new year. We have been spoiled for the last couple of weeks. :)
      At least the castings calls have started – I’m a complete spoiler and speculation junkie!

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