Video Of The Week (3)

Another 7 days  have gone by and it’s time for our next Video Of The Week. The chosen video for today is by fangtasiadream, and already has well over a quarter of a million hits on You Tube. There’s no heartache or suitor stress in this one, it’s amazingly well put together and a genuinely joyous celebration of the number one couple in Bon Temps (or anywhere in TV Land for that matter). Happy times!

Eric & Sookie

Let’s Go Straight To Number One

As usual, if you love the video, please click here to give the maker another viewing.

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9 comments on “Video Of The Week (3)

  1. Wanted to know if I could submit a video for consideration of video of the week? Thanks!

  2. That was soooooo cool, I loved how the video was fitted to the song!!! Thanks for posting this one and I can hardly wait for next weeks’ video.

  3. Omg !! That was so hot!! I loved it song choice was perfect in every way .. I hope we get to see more of this wonderful couple together again .

  4. These weekly video’s most definitely fill the void! Thanks!

  5. Love this new feature ladies! :)

  6. * fans self *

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