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It’s Video Of The Week time again, and boy, do I need my Eric and Sookie fix this week, after probably the quietest 7 days in Bon Temps for a long, long time. Thankfully pennquill has come to our rescue by sending us her gorgeous video to share with you all. We were starved of the supernatural world’s hottest romance in season 5, so here’s to hoping that there are some more scenes like the ones below in season 6.

Eric & Sookie

Last Kiss

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5 comments on “Video Of The Week (4)

  1. Sookie Stackhouse knew from the minute she laid eyes on Eric Northman that she
    wanted him~but she was hesitant to hurt William Thomas Compton.
    Eric Northman waited and watched Sookie~and he also waited till Bill Compton
    made enough mistakes to hang himself,Eric knew that Compton would do so.
    William Thomas Compton not only got power greedy, he put Sookie in danger~again.
    Eric will save Sookie, and then he’ll save her from a hybrid Vampire/Fae who
    made a blood pact for Sookie~ and Sookie & Eric will be together forever.

  2. What a beautiful video. Thanks again for sharing them with us. It;s going to be a long boring winter! LOL!

  3. Love it! The song matches so beautifully!

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    Since I have found people like the videos, I am going to reblog these since I love the,

  5. […] song is titled, “Last Kiss” and you can watch it here! Remember, if you have a favorite video you would like to share and/or if you’re a video […]

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