Caption This for 10/15

I hope you have your singing voices ready, cause It’s karaoke night here with Caption This!


We all know that our girl Sookie sang her own rendition of “Escape” (The Piña Colada song) this past season of True Blood. How would you rewrite the lyrics?

Or…. What other song would you use.

Let us know below!


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3 comments on “Caption This for 10/15

  1. The shipper in me screams that it should be Patsy Cline’s “So Wrong”.

    I’ve been so wrong, for so long
    Thought I could live without the love that you give
    I was wrong, oh, so wrong.
    I’ve been so wrong, for so long
    I didn’t know that I loved you so
    I was wrong.
    Well, I never knew I could want you darlin
    Oh, so much
    Now that you’re gone, I dream of you
    And your sweet touch.
    I was so wrong, for so long
    But I’ve seen the light, darlin, I’ll make it right
    I was wrong.

  2. Because I think it kind of fits the scene.
    Concrete Blonde ‘Happy Birthday’

    Well, outside in the hall there’s a catfight
    It’s well after midnight
    I guess I’ll be allright
    I’m laid out on the floor
    Drunk and poor
    How much longer how much more

    Rock me to sleep
    Strong & deep.
    The screaming cats they give me the creep
    But aside from all that I feel no pain
    Staring up at the ceiling stains
    …Neon in the window
    …Sirens far away
    …News on the radio happy birthday happy birthday happy

    They’re at it again next door
    This whole floor I swear
    They’re out to drive me crazy
    Not right now I’m high as a cloud I’m soft and gray and lazy
    ..Smoking Out the window,
    …feeling far away
    …News on the radio happy birthday happy birthday happy

    Fly me
    out the window.
    Somewhere far away
    News on the radio, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday.
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday.

    PS. I can’t tell you how tempted I was to post Concrete Blonde ‘Bloodletting’

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