What’s In a Cover?

Before I get started on this ‘Fangpinion’ I would like to say hello to all the readers here at Eric and Sookie lovers because it has been a long time. I have been MIA because school has kept me pretty busy with tons of homework. I figured since I have a ‘little’ bit of downtime I might as well write a blog post and the perfect opportunity showed up recently in the form of the SSN.

As you all know the cover of the final Sookie book (sniff sniff) was released and it is a beauty! Since the release of the cover, speculation has been running rampant around the Sookieverse. I don’t blame anyone because this goes on every year and it is the final book of a much beloved series and it is so much FUN!

I am taking a Psychology course and lately we have been looking at pictures to determine what we think is going on within them and it amazed me every time that while some people had different interpretations that people all saw the same things or interpreted the symbols in the same way. I am not saying that everyone will have the same perceptions from this cover (especially if they have not read the previous books) but it has been interesting to read what others thoughts are just from the cover alone and I have read some very good speculations (not so different from my own).

Let’s examine what we have on this cover which consists of:

  •  Sookie in the center dressed in cowboy boots and a red skirt, she appears to be looking backward
  •  We see a playful, smiling dog
  •  A happy looking wolf
  •  A tiger’s tail
  •  Tomatoes and flowers on each side
  •  A setting or rising sun (depending on how you viewed it
  •  Three bats with two flying away and one (the front bat) flying towards Sookie or all three flying away from Sookie

What does all this mean? There are some who would say that it does not mean a thing and that it is just a picture. Don’t you know a picture says a thousand words? lol! As I said above, people do interpret and perceive things differently from a picture but you would be surprised at how similar those perceptions are. I will get back to that in a minute.

I have to say that I LOVE the cover because it so vibrant with color and most important is that Sookie’s feet are firmly planted on the ground. I believe this means that she finally knows where she belongs, what and who she wants in her life and where she is heading. The setting sun is a major tell to me as well as the bat flying towards Sookie. Now this action could be taken in several different ways and they are that:

  • she is heading towards her future and saying goodbye to her past (and to us, her fans and readers)
  • that she is saying goodbye to all her past suitors and moving towards the setting sun and Eric, her husband
  • she is walking toward her future with all her friends by her side, hence the bats and the animals/people that are in the picture

We can all speculate on what the tomatoes and flowers mean but I think they really are a red herring so to speak. In Psychology we learned that just because something is bigger and brighter; therefore commanding your attention, does not mean that it is or should be the focus of the picture. If you notice, the tomatoes and the flowers are enlarged, therefore distracting a viewer of the bigger picture. Tomatoes and flowers just represent part of the sunshine/daytime that Sookie still wants in her life.

When it all comes down to it, people may be seeing it in different ways, with different meanings or the sun is rising and bats are moving away but in the end it all comes down to one thing that is the same and that is: HER FUTURE! She is not saying goodby to the beauty of the daylight but she is embracing the setting sun (not to mention the darker side of herself) and the love she found there. I know I am a sappy romantic! lol

I think we can all agree that Sookie is heading toward a life that she wants and needs. I only want Sookie to be happy and if she gets that in all aspects of her life then I will be a very happy reader. I still believe without a shadow of a doubt that her future will include having Eric by her side for as long as she lives.

P.S. Miss Sookie’s outfit on this cover seems very familiar, as what she wore to Eric’s house when she went to visit him and her skirt is red and we do know that red is very significant to Eric and Sookie. I read that someone called them ‘shit-kickinotsg’ bo! Kick Freyda’s ass Sookie!

I know this has been talked about endlessly already over the past few days but if you have anymore new insights pertaining to the cover or you just want to tell me HI or tell me I am crazy as hell, well then that is fine too. This is Nymerias signing off after giving another one of her ‘FANGPINIONS’!

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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

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  1. I totally agree with you and I hope it’s the happy ever after that all us Sookie and Eric fans are hoping for I’m only sad that this is the last book I started watching the series before I read the books but I am a true bookie now reading them for the seventh time now I can’t wait till may thanks for putting your own time into your blog xx

  2. Very nice to hear from you nymerias, I was wondering why you haven’t been around lately. Hope all at school is going smoothly. I think you’ve pretty much summed up the meaning(s) of the books’ cover. I too, just hope that in the end, Sookie finally gets what she needs and wants.

    I’m kinda sad of reading of all the people who don’t want to read the last book because they are afraid of the idea of S&E not being together at the end. I know that, because of being a true bookie myself, I want to know, regardless of what Sookies’ decisions are. I’ve invested too much time and money in the last twelve years on not wanting to know.
    I’ll respect CH’s decision however she decides to end it, but as with all of us die-hard Sookie and Eric lovers I would surely like them to end up together. But, on the other hand since I love Eric (the character) so much, if that happened, I would want Sookie to change her mind about being turned, as I just couldn’t imagine Sookie turning old and dying on him, I think it would kill him too if she died on him. I have such empathy for these characters that sometimes I think I’m too involved with them.

    Sorry that this was so long and I got on my soapbox. Just wanted to say Thank you for your thoughts.

    • Thank you! I have missed posting but as I said school has been kicking my ass. Getting on a soapbox is cool, I do it all the time. I agree that Eric would be heartbroken when she passes and I too feel so much empathy for these characters that it will be hard to say goodbye to them so it is a good thing that I can visit them again by reading the series all over again from start to finish!

      • I agree that Eric will be broken-hearted too…but that would happen with anyone. What if (God forbid) Eric was staked during a fight and Sookie out-lived him? It’s a fact of life that everyone has to deal with. Since CH has said that Sookie will NOT be a vampire, this will be something they will have to face. I’m sure Eric will treasure whatever amount of time he has with her and will always remember her. It’s like that old saying, “it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”.

        • I would just be thrilled, at the end of the book, if Sookie would at least say she was open to the possibility of being turned, but she’s not ready to decide. That would leave speculation and imaginings amongst her readers, and give CH an “in” if she ever decided to continue the series at a later date.

    • We miss Nymerias around here too. :(

      And I feel the same…even if Sookie doesn’t end up with Eric…I would find it a waste to not read how it concludes for myself. I don’t want to rely on heresay because everyone sees things differently. Most of all…I would want to know WHY she didn’t choose him, when the rest of the series pointed in that direction. CH has always stated the the series is about Sookie and her life. Not a romance, even though that’s what it has seemed like to me. As long as Sookie is truly happy I guess. But if she doesn’t choose him, it will seem like a cop-out to me and I don’t think I would buy any of CH’s future books.

      • Thanks for a great post. I agree about the cop-out if E and S don’t end up together. In the last two books I got a distinct feeling CH was painting E in a worse light than he deserved as if preparing us to Sookie dumping him for a good reason. But I always tell myself Thank God for (good) fanfiction, b/c even when the series is over, we can still find delight in reading good stories about our favorite couple.

  3. I just have to say all this talk about Sookie growing old and dying on Eric is making me sad! LOL! I wish there would be a couple more books. I hate it when I get to the end of a great book series and there is no more. What ever are we going to do then?

  4. Hey guys (been gone for long myself). When I first saw the book cover, my mind went so many different places I couldn’t follow!

    To me it looks like Sookie walks off into the sunset (as a cliche happy end) and away from her other ”suitors” Sam, Quinn and Alcide. The flowers and tomatoes made me think of things Sookie loves, and nature, so I thought maybe she’s embracing her nature? Being a fairy and all. I just hope she doesn’t go to the fairy realm, that would not be satisfying, not to me at least.
    We can clearly see 3 bats (probably representing the 3 main vampires in her life – Eric, Pam and..ugh, beehl? or would that be Freya now?) And 2 of them are flying away from her and one flying towards her. Now, about this, I’m not sure what to think really. I would love to say the bat which is flying and facing her way is Eric, but I keep changing my mind and think it’s Freya coming after her and Pam and Eric are the other bats, who leave her behind. I don’t know, I don’t know! So many thoughts here :S I just think beehl can’t have a big role, since Charlaine stated she made up her mind during the first few books, and apparently beehl was supposed to die a couple of books back.
    Gosh I really wish it will be a happy ending for Sookie AND Eric. May where are you damn it? *shakes fist to the sky*

    • Oh embracing her fae nature I did not think about that at all but I don’t think that has ever really been an issue before. I know she has struggled with the fact that she has done some bad things or what she perceives to be bad things. Hmmmm food for thought Anja!

  5. ok I’m almost over the lack of Eric (but not quite) and I do think the way Sookie is dressed does have significance. Red for Eric and cowboy boots possibly for Oklahoma. I said this already somewhere else – I think it’s telling that Sam is grouped with Alcide and Quinn – who we already know don’t have a chance. I don’t think it’s a good cover for Team Sam (aka Team Anyone But Eric).

    • LOL! I still think that Sam was meant to die and there will be serious repercussions from her using the CD. That has nothing to do with the cover so I digress once again LMAO

  6. Here’s a leap, Sookie’s outfit has a very “western” feel to it…Oklahoma.

  7. I only just got in to the books and haven’t caught up yet, so I can’t speculate too much on specifics. I do know that there will be fans disappointed with the ending, I look forward to their angry ‘this is how it should have ended’ fanfiction.

    My great hope is that she finds her happily ever after with Eric. Just going by the cover the only thing I clearly see is Sookie is moving on.

  8. Thank you for a great post, nymerias ! I always love it when the covers come out, and we try to guess what’s going to happen. Though this time it’s sad, because I don’t want the series to end. Thank the gods for fanfiction where Eric & Sookie will always live happily ever after. La la la …

    Anyhoo I agree that it looks like Sookie is leaving Sam, Alcide & Quinn behind. The cowboy boots have to mean going to Oklahoma… hopefully to fight for her vampire. Now when I first saw the flowers and the tomato plant; I immediately thought of Murry, the fairy that Sookie killed with the trowel. Don’t ask me why~ I don’t think she ever mentioned tomato plants but she was weeding the flower beds at the time when Murry sneaked up on her. Could that mean more dead fairies? Or just leaving the fairies behind? … The bats all look like they are flying away…Maybe Sookie is going on her own to get Eric and say goodbye to the Supe world and live happily ever after with him. With her essential spark, she should be able to live a long time.

    Yes, I know I’m being delusional, but come on I can hope right? There will be no way to get away from having some tears in this book, I just know it. And nymerias, I agree that something is going to happen with Sam because of the CD. Fae magic is not all unicorns and rainbows, always some sort of consequence. Can’t imagine bringing Sam back from the dead isn’t going to cost someone. Hopefully I’m wrong, I do love Sam, not with Sookie of course, but as a character.

    • I thought fairies too because of the plants and especially because of the sun! But idk :/

    • As part fairy and her essential spark she could live longer than the average human and maybe she won’t look her actual age.

      I just have this feeling that something is going to happen from her using the CD on Sam. Cataliades told her to be careful what she used it for, to choose wisely because of how powerful it is. I just hope the consequences have nothing to do with her or loosing someone else she loves. Something must happen because her friends come together around her. We shall see, is it May yet?

  9. I totally agree with everything you said!

  10. Not sure what happened with my orifinal comment on What’s in a Cover (spammed?). Anyhow, great post, hopefully S & E will end up together, after all.

  11. Great cover, so colourful and full of life. Sookie looks so happy and red is Eric’s favourite colour!!!!!! Not sure why everyone thinks that the cowboy boots mean Sookie is going to Oklahoma? Doesn’t it just mean she could be going west into the setting sun? I thought that people in the west of the US wore boots, not just in OK? Any thoughts?

    • OK is cowboy country, outside of cowboy country nobody really wears those. You wouldn’t use cowboy boots to symbolize California for example.

      • I’m wondering with the boots if they are going to be symbolic or whether Sookie will actually have some red cowboy boots. If she does have some, it’s likely Eric bought her them as he likes to buy her red gifts. And surely you wouldn’t wear the boots your ex-lover had sent you from his new home if he had left you for someone else. So maybe he brings them back with him when he returns to her for the HEA. Or maybe the red boots just symbolize that she has Eric business in OK.

    • As others have said…Oklahoma is cowboy country. But old western movies used to end with them riding off into the sunset too…it could be both.

  12. My first thought was I can’t believe we’ve spent this much time analyzing a book cover! But when all is said and done, I think Charlaine Harris should be proud of the world she has created and these awesome, kick ass characters that bring about so much passion and dedication in all of us. I will be very sad to see them go.
    P.S. Great observations nymerias!

    • I agree 100%. I imagine she is quite proud. She has been very vocal as of late, giving little teases here and there about some of the observations people have made about the cover alone.

      P.S. Thanks! ;)

  13. […] with another edition of “Just My Fangpinion”, in which she shares her thoughts on “What’s in a Cover?” of “Dead Ever After”! Read it to see if you agree or disagree with her […]

  14. It looks like she’s saying goodbye, not only to suitors, but to fans, as you said. I think she will either wind up alone and happy about it, or with a human we haven’t met. The plants, I have no idea. No one loves Eric more than me, but I doubt that’s the path Charlaine has in mind for Sookie. I would love if she did, but looking at it from a neutral standpoint, I dunno.

    • Then she probably never should have had them get together in the first place, what was the point of all that build up between them if it wouldn’t even lead to anything? I know she won’t be alone because CH already said that much, but she can’t be with a human. Especially if it’s one we haven’t even met yet, I doubt she would end up with someone they only just introduced in the last book.

    • I think it would be a waste of her time and energy to write the two of them as a couple if she did not keep them together. We shall see

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