Your chance to win a Fangtasia T-Shirt

HALLOWEEN will soon be upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with an E&SL competition giveaway. Where would any  dedicated fangbanger  want to spend their Halloween night? Why at Fangtasia of course. And you could be the lucky winner of an essential piece of attire for a fangtastic night out anywhere.

Just answer the Eric and Sookie related question below, and you could be  picking your prize from the 2 HBO t-shirt designs below. Would you be pink like Pam or wearing Eric’s favorite color like Sookie did?


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15 comments on “Your chance to win a Fangtasia T-Shirt

  1. Red of course!

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  2. I enter the contest . I hope i win one . If i do i will be picking Eric favorite color one . The red one Sookie wore when she was hurt in season 2 by Maryanne when she almost died by her poisoned claws . That was a great episode .

  3. Sookie wore the one Eric loves~it was so long she wore it as a sleepshirt!.
    After being clawed by the Maenad/Maryanne~this was a message to
    Eric Northman, it had nothing to do with Bill Compton.
    The Maenad/Maryanne hurt Sookie,because she knew that she meant something
    to Eric Northman~who may have had dealings with her that we never knew about???

  4. I would pick the red one for sure

  5. The red one, for sure!

  6. I want the pink one, actually!

  7. I would love the pink one! I have the red one. :-)

  8. Well, I don’t really care which one I get.I just want something with Fangtasia/True Blood on it.Pink is my fave color, but I would also accept the red, because Eric loves that one, and I would do ANYTHING to please him.

  9. […] You have until October 29th to submit the correct answer to this Eric and Sookie question in order to win a fangtasic Fangtasia t-shirt! Click here to find out more and/or to enter! […]

  10. Red. I’m all about Eric.

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