Raising the Dead: Reflecting on Dead as a Doornail

With 6 months until we find out if we have our happy “Dead Ever After”, its time to “Raise the Dead” with the 5th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series “Dead as a Doornail”.

Dead as a Doornail has the distinction of following in the “booksteps” of Dead to the World, which were some mighty shoes to fill. Sadly for us all, the fifth book was not 100% all Sookie and Eric. In fact it was very “fur” friendly with some memorable fang and Eric and Sookie moments intertwined in the story

When we started our reflections on DAAD, Erika, Nymerias, and I found we were “in tune” with each other in our reactions  and favorite moments. It is really quite amusing, and for this post I am dubbing us the 3-headed blogger :)

Here is how we remember reading Dead as a Doornail for the first time.

How did reading it make you feel? Could you put it down?

We, the 3 headed blogger, found that we were anxious while reading DaaD because we just wanted to find out what happened with Eric and Sookie and could not put it down once we started flipping the pages with few exceptions. Erika’s exceptions were when we were subjected to the Packmaster crap and the introduction of Q-tip.

What moment made you laugh?

Erika: The moment which made me laugh was when Sookie told Eric about what had happened while his memory was gone. I thought that whole exchange was brilliantly hilarious. Sookie had fun with it, and I had a great time reading it. This moment also made me cry was the same as the moment that made me laugh. I was laughing so hard, I was crying.

Nymerias: I was so laughing when Sookie was telling Eric about when he had amnesia

B: I was so cracking up when Sookie was “paying her debt” to Eric by telling him some of what happened during the time he had amnesia. OK I was squirming and laughing… cause for me it is tough to beat the “We had sex in every position I could imagine, and some I couldn’t. We had sex in every room of my house, and we had sex outdoors. You told me I was the best you ever had” speech. I also was cracking up while Eric was trying to figure out how to use the broom (and find a way to turn the task back to Sookie). I also found some laugh time over the Sookie and Andy bonding moment over a naked (and shot) Trey Dawson.

What moment made you cry?

I was shedding some tears thanks to Alcide.. and how he was using Sookie and her “prestige” as Friend of the Pack during the whole Packmaster process. Bastard.

Though, as a whole, we all agreed the moment that really made us cry was the fact that Quinn was introduced to the story. Damn him

Favorite Moment/Line from the book:

Some of our favorite moments from the book were

  • Sookie and Eric dancing at Fangtasia
  • Eric rushing to Sookie to try to save her from Charles Twining
  • “Should I bite you now and end it all? I would never have to think about you again. Thinking about you is an annoying habit, and one I want to be rid of. Or, should I start arousing you and discover if sex with you was really the best I’ve ever had?”

What were some of your favorite moments from Dead as a Doornail?

Share them below!


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4 comments on “Raising the Dead: Reflecting on Dead as a Doornail

  1. You guys crack me up! So funny! I had to go back and reread some of those scenes you all were talking about and I completely agree. Thanks for reminding me of how good that book is, I can’t stop smiling now! LOL !!

  2. I think this is when the books started going downhill for me. I have Quinn to thank for that…lol! This post helped a bit, it made me remember that there were good things as well.

  3. I actually loved the book, I really enjoyed Sookie playing with Eric, teasing him with the story of what happened. The Packmaster nonsense was lame but served to put Alcide in the chilly friend zone where he belongs. When I feel like hating on Bill, because that’s almost as much fun as watching Eric work his magic, I remember that this book has a passage where he’s looking in Sookie’s bedroom windows like a creepy stalker and wonder why she never got a restraining order after what happened in Club Dead. I also really enjoyed Charles Twinning’s pirate act before he went all assassin.

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