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Video Of The Week (5)

It’s Sunday, time to relax and watch our latest Video Of The Week. Although personally I think that both Sookie and Eric had a good season this year, it was for the most part, away from each other. Of course if you have read the books then you know that after the Sooric-centric book 4/season 4 there was going to be a lull in their relationship. Still that doesn’t make it any easier for their most dedicated fans to handle. This week’s video is from MyFutureLover and I like her message to fellow shippers from the accompanying Youtube notes:

“Don’t give up on them”

This is Season 5 Sooric in

Oh, these times are hard

You can check out the maker’s work on Youtube here

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7 comments on “Video Of The Week (5)

  1. That was probably the best video as far as the song fitting the scenes that myfuturelover put together. I thought it was a very appropriate song and hopefully Eric and Sookie will get back together in this coming season. I miss their chemistry together on screen.

  2. Funny, I just downloaded a bunch of cover songs by Boyce Avenue. The video was good, I have no intention to give up on them.

  3. Great song, if really fits! Thanks for sharing! I do so miss them.

  4. That is a good one! Love it!

  5. What a great video!

  6. Awww, almost made me cry! Very nicely done!

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