Anna’s movie “Black Wings Has My Angel” on hold

Earlier this year we brought you the news that Anna Paquin had signed on to appear alongside Tom Hiddleston and Elijah Wood in the movie “Black Wings Has My Angel”. We pretty much thought this would now be called off as Anna is busy taking care of her two new arrivals, and Tom Hiddleston has now confirmed that the movie is on hold and now “way, way off in the future”.

Tom Hiddleston has revealed his next film project has been put on hold after co-star Anna Paquin became a mum.

The star of Thor and War Horse is due to play a criminal who attempts to stage an armed robber with a call girl, due to be played by Anna, in crime thriller Black Wings Has My Angel.

But True Blood star Anna gave birth to twins last month.

Tom said: “Black Wings Has My Angel is based on a novel by Elliott Chaze, it’s a sort of noir thriller. It’s a great script. I signed onto it a long, long time ago.

“Anna Paquin was going to play opposite me, she’s had a baby, so being a mum is much more important than being whatever that low life character is.

“It was a sort of fun noir thing, but it’s way, way off in the future.

Being a mom myself, I can fully appreciate why Anna is taking some time off from work! This project does sound like an exciting one, and hopefully the movie will get made some time in the future.

Source: Belfast Telegraph

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2 comments on “Anna’s movie “Black Wings Has My Angel” on hold

  1. I recall reading sometime ago about Anna being cast in this movie. I’m glad the producers were able to back off filming it and not replacing Anna, as I think she’d be great in the role.

    I know that Anna needs this time at home with the little ones right now and it will take her a few months to get herself back in shape (although fromt he pic I saw of her, doesn’t look like shes’ going to have to work too hard at it…Lucky gal!) and get her stamina back up to speed too before shooting season 6 of TB.

  2. […] Not very surprising to most of us, since Anna is taking time off from True Blood because of the birth of her babies…that’s not the only thing in her career that’s been affected. Another project she is expected to work on, a movie called, “Black Wings Has My Angel” has been put off too. Find out more here! […]

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