Eric & Sookie Lovers Presents: The 2012 Bloody Awards

It’s time to hand out some awards for True Blood Season 5 from an Eric and Sookie lover’s point of view! These awards are to determine what you thought about the season overall and to award what we (as Eric and Sookie lovers) feel were OUR favorites and/or what we didn’t like about the season. Best of all…YOU get to decide the winners! We call these awards simply; “The Bloody Awards”!

Each day until Halloween, we will be posting new polls with new categories for you to cast your vote(s)! These polls will only be open for 24 hours from the time of posting and you’ll only be able to vote once in each category. On November 2nd, otherwise known as “dia de Los muertos” or “Day of the Dead”, we thought it would be fitting to announce the winners!

Are you ready? Let the voting BEGIN!

For this first post, we’re posting not one – but two categories! Please cast your votes in the polls below.

Favorite True Blood Episode

Favorite “New” Vampire

This category includes those vampires who were newly created and/or new additions to the show.

Remember, you have less than 24 hours to cast your vote(s)!

Thanks so much for voting!

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16 comments on “Eric & Sookie Lovers Presents: The 2012 Bloody Awards

  1. Before this season I was fed up with Tara and really hoped for her demise at the end of season 4..But I have to say I am really liking her as a vampire.. She is a perfect child for Pam..

  2. Does my vote count? LMAO I had to vote

  3. Steve Newlin got my vote for best new vampire. Though I have enjoyed Tara’s transformation. Season Finale with Bill’s death was the best episode even if he was resurrected as Billith. At least I was dead for moments.

  4. Reblogged this on Kittyinaz and commented:
    Here you guys go. Thought you might want to vote in these!!! I voted for my favorite which would surprise you guys!!!

  5. As much as I liked the finale, I went with Boot ‘N Rally. That episode made me somewhat like Sookie again. As for the best new vampire, Molly got my vote. I’m still bitter over her death, fucking Bill.

  6. Tara & Save Yourself. I can’t stand her before,because I thought Cocky,annoying & Racist b**th. But now I like her now & I think she’s way better than Nora.

    Save Yourself’s a best ep out of the season. I luv Eric saved her from Russell & protected her from Nora. That’s really nice he returned the favor. She’s always there for him,but he’ll be there for her if she need it. He came back for her,because he need her to talk to Billy Boy out of the Lilith. My favorite moment’s Eric struck head out of the widow when Jason & Sookie are talking when they were on the way. “Pullover…..Please!!!”. That reminds me a lot like Amnesic Eric(he’s like a little kid). He’s sooo adorable & funny at that scene.

  7. Tara, Steve or Molly, poor Molly :( Another thing NEVER to forgive Bill for!
    Has to be Tara though – she is a child of Godric now so you get extra points for that.

  8. I had to go with Tara. She is a much better vampire than a human in my opinion. The last episode was the best. It saved the whole season for me. It’s the only episode I watched more than once.

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