The 2012 Bloody Awards: Favorite Flashback Moment

Time is winding down on the first two categories we posted yesterday! It’s time for another category to cast your votes to determine who will win in this year’s “Bloody Awards” – which are awards voted by Eric and Sookie lovers for True Blood season 5!

The next category to cast your votes is (drum roll please)….

Favorite Flashback Moment!

Remember, we’ll be posting a new category every day until Halloween (Oct. 31) and will announce the winners on “Day of the Dead” or “dia de Los muertos” (on Nov. 2)!  You have only 24 hours to cast your votes and you can only vote once!

Let’s take you back in time to determine YOUR favorite flashback moment!

Please choose your favorite moment in the poll below. (Yes, we’re sorry…you can only pick ONE!) Remember, you have only 24 hours starting…NOW to cast your vote!

Thanks for voting, Eric & Sookie Lovers! :)

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8 comments on “The 2012 Bloody Awards: Favorite Flashback Moment

  1. I voted for my favorite and it was hard for me to choose between when Eric and Pam first met Bill therefore seeing the ‘real’ Bill Eric saving Pam from a Jack the Ripper type man. When I first saw the flashback with Eric and Bill I thought surely people would FINALLY get that Bill has never been a good guy! lol In the end I went with the blood licking cuz it was so damn hot! :D

  2. Of course i picked the Eric saving Pam and the blood licking … Flash back ..
    Because just what Nymerias said: ‘it was so damn hot!’

  3. You know…when I created this poll…I didn’t think it would be THIS HARD to choose! LOL Sorry about that.

    It was tough for me, but I decided on when Eric turned Pam into a vampire. So many parallels shown between Eric/Pam and Eric/Sookie, like when they were in bed together but the finger licking and the way Eric made Bill look like an bumbling idiot were great too. ;)

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  5. The first time Eric met Pam. I thought that was pretty perfect.

  6. Eric licking his fingers of course I voted for after saving Pam . Anything with Eric gets my vote ..

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