Alex talks Italian in TV Commercial

We all know how sexy Alexander Skarsgard sounds when he talks in Swedish, and now our favorite viking is trying to ruin our lives in another language. He is appearing in a  (very short) commercial for True Blood on Italian TV.

According to our good Italian friend at “Luv the viking” Alex is saying “Italian blood doesn’t lie” (Sangue Italiano non mente) which is a popular saying over there. Not that we actually really care what he is saying!

Thank you to Luv the viking for sharing this.

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14 comments on “Alex talks Italian in TV Commercial

  1. I can just imagine what watching TrueBlood in Italian is like?!?
    IT must be super sexy,hearing Eric speaking Italian and looking so hot!

  2. His voice is hotter in Italian than Swedish . I can’t stop listening to this commerical .. I am in love …

  3. Yes, yes, yes our swexy man speaking another sexy language!!!! I thought that was wonderful…but of course, I think almost anything he says (in any language) is wonderful.
    I heard that Alex can also speak French, which I would just love to hear him.

    Thanks for posting this video and raising my blood pressure a few points today….LOL

  4. Reblogged this on Kittyinaz and commented:
    Sexy Alex speaking Italian…. Do I need to say anything else?

  5. It’s so good to be Bad!

  6. The sexy man speaking Italian! *fans self* And he finishes with that deep almost purr that is always my undoing! *swoons*

    We’ve got an ad on satellite TV here for the network that shows the HBO stuff, and it includes the scene from the beginning of S4 where Eric walks in on Sookie nekkid in her bedroom and she grabs the pink nightie and holds it in front of her and he stares at her and purr/growls. Same sound, same effect on me. The voiceover says something like “Do you want Sookie in your bedroom” and I just manage to respond to my TV, ‘No, I want Eric in my bedroom’ before my brain turns to mush. I don’t know what shows the rest of the ad covers, because by then that purr/growl has done its work and all I can think about is having Eric in my bedroom.

  7. […] your panties fall off and your mouth drool…watch and listen to Alex in an Italian TV Commercial! And you thought he was sexy when he spoke in Swedish? […]

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