The 2012 Blood Awards: Favorite Guest Appearance

It’s another day…another category! Time is up on the category we posted yesterday and it’s time for a new one to cast your votes to decide the winner! This time, we’re steering away from Eric and Sookie and want you to decide who was your Favorite Guest Appearance in True Blood Season 5?

As you know, this past season had many big-named actors and actresses who played a guest-starring role during the season. Some of their characters are now dead – while some are still alive (but most are dead).

View the slideshow to view all the nominees!

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Remember, you have only 24 hours to cast your votes and you can only vote once!

Cast your votes in the poll below!

As a side note…you may have noticed that “Mr. Spock” has been nominated…and yes, he DID make an appearance – played by Bill Compton as you can see in the slideshow. LOL We thought it might be interesting to see if anyone voted for him. ;)

Thanks for voting, Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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9 comments on “The 2012 Blood Awards: Favorite Guest Appearance

  1. WHAT?

    Chris Meloni was on TB?

    • LMAO! You must have blinked! ;)

    • LOL, did you not watch season 5 yet? He was there briefly, it’s nothing anyone needs to get excited over. They made it seem like his character would be such a big deal, but it was just a let down. I know Dennis pretty much has this one in the bag, but I had to vote for Kevin Alejandro.

  2. Yep, I def voted for DOH, can’t help it, I just loved Russell, although it seemed Dennis played him a “little” over the top this season (a bit too campy). But, since he won’t be back again, I will say I am going to miss him. As far as Chris Meloni, I was greatly disappointed in his very short appearance on the show, we didn’t even get to know his character very well and then he was gone…(sigh…..) OH well,

  3. I also voted for DOH. I didn’t really care for the plot lined of the rest of the characters. Most of them are finally dead now anyway.

  4. Denis O’Hare for sure get my vote .. He is outstanding ,.

  5. Had to vote for DOH, though I was sorely tempted to vote for Mr Spock! :D

    They wasted Christopher Meloni’s talents.

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