Who are the 100 Greatest Child Stars? VH1 will Count It Down to Number 1

The VH1 brand is ready to count us down again. This time they will be counting down the 100 Greatest Child Stars of the big and small screen. This list should be composed of our favorite pint-sized actors of today and yesteryear (those who have grown up into our out of showbiz).

So… who do you think will make this list? We have a strong suspicion our favorite woman behind our favorite telepath will be on this list :)

They are giving us a BIG clue with this picture posted on the VH1 blog announcing the countdown

For who can forget our Anna Paquin winning an Oscar at the age 11 for The Piano.

The post also went on to mention her as one of the child stars who grew to be “incredibly respected adult actors”.

From the fresh-faces of Miley CyrusJustin BieberDakota Fanning and Elijah Wood to today’s biggest adult stars like Anna PaquinJoseph Gordon-LevittBritney Spears,Michelle Williams and Macaulay Culkin, VH1′s “100 Greatest Kid Stars” countdown boasts some of the biggest names of the last two decades and the movies and shows that made them famous.

*points to quote above* See… very BIG clues. I am willing to say it is not “If” she is on the list, but “where”.

The count down will air on VH1 starting November 29th at 9 PM and will air over 4 days.

So tune in with us as we get the scoop!

For the full VH1 post, click here.



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