2012 Bloody Awards: Favorite “I Knew It” Moment


It’s time for another category in which you can vote to determine the winners in The 2012 Bloody Awards!

While watching True Blood season 5, did you have a favorite moment where you happened to know it was going to happen – either through spoilers, just a hunch or the way the show was written made it appear to be the only thing that made sense? Was it a moment that didn’t catch you by surprise? Did you find yourself pumping your fist in the air and going…

or you might not have been as dramatic as this…and would’ve just said a simple, “YES” with a fist pump! Well, that’s what this award is all about.  We taken moments that happened during season 5 – which didn’t surprise us or we saw them coming from a mile away.

Remember, this poll is only open for 24 hours and you can only vote once!

Please cast your vote in the poll below.

Thanks for voting, Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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5 comments on “2012 Bloody Awards: Favorite “I Knew It” Moment

  1. Damn, only one? I knew all of those…lol!

  2. Reblogged this on The Fanfiction Vixen and commented:

    For those who love True Blood, we are hosting “The Bloody Awards” over at ESL! Come on by and vote!

  3. Hardest thing was only picking 1. It came down to Bill revealing his true colours and Salome being a member of the Sanguanista movement. I chose the latter

  4. Being the true E&S lover that I am, I picked Eric killing Russell and saving Sookie. As mentioned above it was hard to pick, as I think most of us knew all (or most) of the above moments. I, for one, can hardly wait to see the results of the Poll so I can see if I’m on the same page as everyone else.

  5. Loved them all . But Eric killing Russell to save Sookie wins my vote ,,

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