The 2012 Bloody Awards: Best Tear Jerker

Another day closer to the 2012 Bloody Awards and another category is ready for you to rock the vote with!

You may need some tissues or a bucket for tonight’s category as we ask you to vote for the BEST Tear Jerker moment of Season 5.

All nominees are worthy to wear the crown, but only one can win. I just hope they don’t wash away in all of our tears as we remember them all.

And your nominees are…

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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

14 comments on “The 2012 Bloody Awards: Best Tear Jerker

  1. Eric releasing Pam, it’s no contest. That’s the only scene where I really bawled like a baby.

  2. Without question, Eric releasing Pam…I cry every time I watch it. *sniffle*

  3. Godric died again. I freakin hate they did that. Why they did that?!!! I really hope they brings him back for flashback next season.

  4. It’s got to be Eric releasing Pam! Hands down.

  5. Eric releasing Pam, Godric dying again, Jessica who glamours Hoyt to forget about her and Jason and Lafayette who said goodbye to the ghostly Jesus.

    O my God, i’m such a cry baby, i cried rivers by all these heartbreaking moments,
    but unfortunately i can only choose one, and i my choice is, how much i love the Eric releasing Pam scene, the scene that Jessica glamours Hoyt, i didn’t like Hoyt, but it was so sad for Jason, that his (ex) best friend wanted to forget that Jason even exicted (i hope i spelled it right)! He was heart broken, and that was so sad to see! :'( Even when the scene was over, i was still crying ..
    Because, after Eric of course, Jason is pretty cute too :”)

    • That was heartbreaking for me, but I surprisingly didn’t cry. Not for the reasons you said, but I loved Jessica and Hoyt as a couple. They used to be one of my favorites, I’m pissed at what this show has done to them. I still had some hope, but now it’s all shot to hell. That probably would have been my second choice after Eric releasing Pam, nothing beats that scene in my opinion.

  6. Eric releasing Pam was a completely awesome scene and the actors were amazing. It was so moving but I knew Eric and Pam would be ok, it’s not the end of their adventures together by a long way. Two of my favorite couples in TB were Jess/Hoyt and Lala/Jesus, and I thought both of those endings were very emotional. I’ve gone for the Hoyt one. The scene in season 2 where Jessica meets Hoyt is in my top 10 non-Eric scenes in TB. We piss on and moan all the time about TB when the writing is awful, but I thought ending it where it started was genius and they should get big credit for that. It was a perfect and incredibly sad ending for their story for him asking to be glamoured, and Jason also broke my heart in that scene and when he tried to stop Hoyt leaving later on. It won’t win of course – Eric & Pam will win and that’s just fine as they are perfect too :)

    • Yeah, I agree, but that just made it all the more heartbreaking. They even had Hoyt wear the same shirt he was wearing when he first met Jessica. I guess the TB writers do remember certain stuff.

  7. I, like a few of the others, had a hard time making a decision. But, I also chose Eric releasing Pam. Second, was the glamoring of Hoyt by Jessica.

    There were quite a few touching scenes this past season and I think that the powers that be wrote a pretty decent season all points considered.

  8. There were so many great scenes that I had a tough time making a choice of just one.
    The scenes between Eric & Pamela touched me~we knew how much Eric loved Pamela
    but never knew how deep Pamela’s love for Eric went~And we found out when she
    opened her arms “Let me walk this Earth with you Mr.Northman or watch me die”
    And when he released her in the same basement where he killed the Magister,
    we know that he never really meant those words~He was just saying them .
    And Jessica “glamouring Hoyt” she didn’t mean those words either~Hoyt will be back.

    Season 5 was a really good one I loved it. Can’t wait for Season 6 to get here.

  9. As much as the scene between Hoyt, Jessica and Jason made me cry…nothing affected me as badly as Eric releasing Pam. That scene was not only a tear-jerker, but was brilliantly acted and written too. That one gets my vote! :)

    • I had to pause the damn thing because I was crying too hard, nothing else on this show has ever gotten such a strong reaction from me. Not even when Godric killed himself and that’s saying a lot, it’s safe to say I couldn’t focus on the rest of the episode after that.

  10. Eric releasing Pam . Was heartbreaking for me .

  11. Although Eric releasing Pam and Jessica glamouring Hoyt were the two big ones for me, I teared up in the first episode when Bill said (none of what’s coming are direct quotes) “What about Sookie?” and Eric said “What about her?”

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