Best 15 Vampires NOT in Twilight

E! Online compiled a list of the Best 15 Vampires Who Are NOT in Twilight (WTF is that juvenile fluff anyways?)!

And we have great news for you! True Blood was represented by not one – but two of our favorite vamps! If you’re guessing what I’m thinking…yes, one of them is Eric Northman! The other, you’ll be happy to know is his progeny, Pam!

Let’s see where they ranked and what they said about them.

10. Alexander Skarsgård, True Blood

Eric Northman’s more than just another Viking with his own Louisiana nightclub. He’s 1,000 years old, rich and his blood will give you crazy sex dreams. Also, he tends to save the day a decent amount. And, he can fly! Beat that, other vampires who don’t wear tracksuits.

4. Kristin Bauer van Straten, True Blood

While Skarsgård may arguably be the hotter of the two bloodsuckers, Pam is the HBIC of Bon Temps. And if you don’t love her for her bile-spitting one-liners (usually directed at Sookie and her “precious fairy vagina”), then, let’s be real: It’s for her bitchin’ love story with fellow feisty vamp, Tara.

Notice anyone absent? We didn’t either! ;) FYI: Bill Compton did NOT make this list!

If you would like to check out the rest of this list, please click here!

What do you think about this list? Do you agree or disagree? Please share your thoughts below!

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21 comments on “Best 15 Vampires NOT in Twilight

  1. Glad for them making it and not Bill, but the rest of the list is complete crap.

    • IKR? There were a few I thought were missing. Where’s your Spike?? And I thought Eric should’ve been ranked higher…but that’s JMHO.

      • Yeah, Angel making the list over Spike is just not cool. And I agree Eric should be way higher, I’m actually kind of surprised that Pam beat him. I think that has a lot to do with season 5.

    • Eric should have been in the top 5, but I’m glad he made the list. Bill not making the list is a definite plus, although I don’t see why he would be on the list. I like their description of Eric though. :)

  2. I think the top choice tells a lot about the author of this list, John Boone. Some of the choices scream ‘I never left the late 80’s to early 90’s’ as most of the choices are from that era and the newer roles were left near the bottom. My theory is a case of the rose tinted glasses effect where older roles have had more time in the psyche and so seem better than they actually are.

    Myself I’m mostly happy with the list, I don’t give much credence to the particular order they were placed in because I like to take lists like this and re-order it myself, maybe swap out a few people… but it gives me a place to start and something to think about.

  3. I wish Eric’s No. 1. He’s way more bada** than other vampires (except Pam).

  4. Oh come on Jim Carrey and Nicolas cage both ranking higher than Alexander Skarsgard. Really………..no way in hell!

  5. Love Eric & Pam, great vamps.

  6. I agree with the #1 choice of David/Keifer Sutherland.
    But I disagree with Alexander’s placement he should have been in the top 5.
    Love Kristian’s placement~ but they left out Christopher Lee,Gary Oldman,
    Johnathon Frid,Mick St.John & Edward Fitzroy
    And what about the original Dracula? not one vote for him??? WTF???

    • Henry Fitzroy, and he always gets overlooked in these lists. I agree that Mick should have had a placement over a lot of those other choices.

  7. I’m with Marlene on this one, I mean Salma H. was only in one scene of Dusk before Dawn and I totally agree about Gary Oldman and Alex O’ Laughlin as Mick St. John. This writer must be on the pipe to forget our beloved Spike from the list.

    Alex should have been at least in the top five, along with Pam…. Thats’ my opinion.

    • Spike will forever be my favorite vampire, with Eric coming in a close second. I don’t care what any list says.

  8. I’m glad Alex was ranked higher than Ian S and no mention of Bill Compton, Nevertheless he should have been ranked higher… Tom Cruise? Jim Carrey? Nicholas Cage? Please…..

  9. I am happy Eric & pam made the list . Pam probably ranked higher on this list because of season 5 . She had a very good part . Her scenes were incredible. Eric was superb as well, but not was seen as much. Loved his parts .

  10. I think Spike should’ve made the list, too, preferably in place of Jim Carrey, who should NEVER be placed above Eric/Alex in any rankings!

    • Dear lost,
      I sooooo agree with you on your comment. Never, ever Jim Carrey above Alex in anything!!!!! As I said in my earlier comment, that columist must be on the pipe with his selections.

  11. […] Online shared their list of the Best 15 Vampires NOT in Twilight! Guess who made the list from True Blood and click to see where they ranked! Eric should’ve […]

  12. I love Pam and all (DO NOT GET ME WRONG) and she deserves a place on this list (Hear what I’m sayin’) but c’mon, ranking higher than her maker? Something is wrong here. I mean by golly I say give ’em the #1 and #2 spots but do it in the proper order….s’all I’m saying.

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