The 2012 Bloody Awards: Biggest “Caption This” Moment

One of our favorite features here at Eric & Sookie Lovers is our “Caption This” – where we take a True Blood, Eric and/or Sookie scene and re-write it in a way we’ll enjoy even more. We decided that this should definitely be apart of  The 2012 Bloody Awards.

We call this category; Biggest “Caption This” Moment of True Blood Season 5!

But there’s a problem. There are SO many scenes…SO many limitless possibilities…that it would be simply mind-boggling for us to come up with some options for you to cast your votes on in these awards. That’s why we decided that we would get YOU to nominate the scenes where you think it should have a redo and then tell us how you would “Caption This” Moment! We will tally the results and let you know when we announce the winners! Think of this as our version of the nomination process in the People’s Choice Awards.

Get your minds thinkin’…and your fingers typin’…and tell us how you would

Thanks for contributing, Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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7 comments on “The 2012 Bloody Awards: Biggest “Caption This” Moment

  1. I know a scene who needs a redo, but it’s one from season 4 o_0 ..
    It’s an Sookie, Eric and Bill scene, one where Sookie dreams that she wakes up in the middle of the day in red lingerie, then someone knocks on the door, it’s Eric, who
    immediatly starts to kiss her. You all know how the rest goes.
    In my redo it would be that Sookie never had Bill’s blood, and it that scene they
    would have had passionate sex, she’s wearing his favourite color, without being
    interrupted by that enoying Bill. And Sookie would have become Eric’s.

    Unfortunately it’s only for season 5

  2. Unfortunately, I have nothing on this subject of “caption that” as I am no good at thinking of snappy one liners. When I do think of one, someone has already thought of the same thing……So much for my creativity….LOL

    So, alas, I have nothing that I want to contribute to this catagory…… :-(

    • That doesn’t matter…if there are repeats or not. And you don’t have to come up with zingers either. Just pick a scene that you think needs to be redone and submit what you wished had happened instead. :)

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