Charlaine Harris Heads To Vegas

For those in the Las Vegas area, Charlaine Harris will be making an appearance at the Vegas Valley Book Festival on November 1st!

The Las Vegas Review – Journal shared an interview with Charlaine, which you can read below.

Harris kicks off the festival Thursday with a 7 p.m. keynote address at the Clark County Library, 1401 E. Flamingo Road. The rich mythology she has created in her Sookie Stackhouse novels – including vampires, were-creatures, telepaths, shapeshifters, fairies and witches – is so sprawling that one imagines her study to be packed with maps, charts and floor-to-ceiling Post-it notes to keep track of it all.
Hearing that guess, Harris laughs and admits, “Well, I certainly have had my share of Post-it notes.”

Actually, Harris says she keeps track of her series with the help of a “continuity editor” whose job is to ensure that “people’s cars were the same color in every book and that people were the same age and had the same hair color – all those little things you tend to forget because my mythology is so huge and my cast of characters got so large.”

Readers keep tabs on such things? “You have no idea,” Harris answers with another laugh.

“My point of view was always, ‘Oh, my gosh, who cares?’ But people do. They really do.”

Consider it a compliment, a sign of how invested in her stories readers have become. But here’s something that’s as bizarre as anything Harris has dreamed up: She had a difficult time getting the first Sookie novel published.

“There wasn’t (the genre) urban fantasy when I started writing the Sookie series,” Harris explains. “It was 15 years ago, and that field did not exist. The only person doing anything remotely like that was Laurell K. Hamilton (author of the Anita Blake series).

“So it was an extremely hard sell. A lot of people looked at it and rejected it in very unflattering terms.”

But, when “Dead Until Dark” finally was published in 2001, it was a hit. Eleven more books followed, and Harris’ 13th and final Sookie novel, “Dead Ever After,” is scheduled to hit the shelves in 2013.

Even before Sookie and company, Harris was writing mysteries and crime novels with a less-supernatural bent. What prompted her literary move into the supernatural?

“I just think it’s interesting to try to make yourself a better writer by writing about something you haven’t done before in a way you haven’t done it before,” she says.

Also, “I wanted to write about social issues, and I thought it would be interesting to frame it in a different way so that it wasn’t preachy,” Harris says. “And, I thought it would be really interesting to write about a woman who was dating a vampire and what would be happening to her socially, what would be happening to her personally, what would be happening to her in the world if she did such a stupid thing, and why would she do that. And everything just kind of evolved.”

Sookie resonates with readers because of “the real, everyday human problems” she faces, Harris says.

“She has to pay her property taxes, and she can’t afford to replace the curtains, and she’s worried about all sorts of financial issues. She doesn’t want to go to the hospital because her health insurance won’t cover some things, and she has a list of things like that that weigh on her.

“Then, she’s got the added pressure of trying to date someone who isn’t the same species, and the difficulties of that are kind of overwhelming.”

Readers are bracing themselves for the final story in the Sookie Stackhouse series, and Harris confirms that the last book truly will be the last book.

“I’ve told her story,” she says. “It wouldn’t be fair to my readers to keep going on when I’ve said what I set out to say.”

Harris’ current projects include a new three-book series (“Midnight Pawn”) and writing her first graphic novel trilogy, “Cemetery Girl,” with writer Christopher Golden.

Writing for comics is “completely different,” she says. “It’s a huge learning curve for me. I’m an old dog learning new tricks.”

And, of course, the characters Harris created can be seen on the HBO series. Harris says she’s fine with the dramatic – and sometimes truly bizarre – ways in which the TV series differs from her own stories.

“I like to be surprised, and God knows I am,” she says, laughing. “It’s always interesting to see what they’re doing.

“I know a lot of writers on the show, I know the cast, I know some of the crew, and I’m just always cheering for their success.”

You better mark this date – because Charlaine has this event up on the events calendar on her website!

In more Charlaine news…she shared this on her Facebook page earlier today!

I was recently interviewed by my friend Elaine Viets for her radio show. (Elaine writes the wonderful Dead-End Job mysteries.)Here’s the info:

The Charlaine Harris interview will be on Elaine’s Dead-End Jobs Show on Radio Ear Network starting Monday, October 29.
Here are four times to stream the Dead-End Jobs Radio show on your computer:

(1) In North America, stream the Dead End Jobs Show Monday at 1 PM ET.
Just click on “Listen Live” for the Dead-End Jobs Show. http://www.radioearnetwork.com/

(2) In North America, stream the Dead End Jobs Show Wednesday at 6 PM ET.
Just click on “Listen Live” for the Dead-End Jobs Show. http://www.radioearnetwork.com/

(3) Also, REN now has Fort Lauderdale Community Radio. Stream your show on these two days:
Tuesdays at 2 PM ET on http://www.ftlauderdalecommunityradio.com/ Click on the “Now Playing” button.

Friday, 10 AM ET on http://www.ftlauderdalecommunityradio.com/ Click on the “Now Playing” button.

After next week, the show can be downloaded as a podcast here:

How exciting! I wonder what Charlaine said in this interview? Can’t wait until we’re able to listen to it!  And if Charlaine happens to read this…remember what happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas (unless spoilers for DEA are revealed)!

Thoughts? Share ’em below!

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  1. I can’t wait for Dead Ever After to come out, but I’m also dreading it, because it’s the last one!

  2. […] The Maker, Charlaine Harris is heading to Las Vegas this week to gamble her savings away  oops, I mean to appear at the Vegas Valley Book Festival! And there’s more Charlaine news too…check it out here! […]

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