The 2012 Bloody Awards: Best OMG/WTF Moment & HELL YEAH Moment


With tomorrow being the last day of our voting process in The 2012 Bloody Awards…we have only a few more categories left to share! Today, we are going to cast our votes for Best OMG/WTF Moments!

You know those moments…the ones which made you scratch your heads and wonder WTF? Those moments which made you think…O.-M.-G. I can’t believe this happened! Those moments that everyone talked about on Monday – after the episode aired.

As you know, we had many great moments like these during True Blood season 5. Now it’s time to decide which moment stood out and made you go – OMG/WTF the most!

Remember, you have only 24 hours to cast your votes and can only vote once! Please cast your votes in the poll below!

But that’s not all…there’s another category – Best HELL YEAH Moment

We would like to know which of these moments made you go, HELL YEAH!? These are moments in which you found yourself jumping up and down, standing and cheering or screaming at the top of your lungs.

Same rules apply – can only vote for 24 hrs and can vote only once. Please cast your votes in the poll below.

Thanks for voting, Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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16 comments on “The 2012 Bloody Awards: Best OMG/WTF Moment & HELL YEAH Moment

  1. I had to go with Bill on the first one, my jaw dropped and I remembered saying, I can’t believe they actually went there…lol! The second one, as much as you may love Russell, I think we all cheered when Eric killed him and saved Sookie. I know I did.

  2. My OMG! WTF? moment was that Bill turns to goo, then becomes ‘ Billith’ ..
    That was pretty nasty, i didn’t expect he would turn to goo an then rise again! Disgusting!

    My Hell Yeah moment was of course Eric saving Sookie and stakes Russell Edgington!
    Hell Yeah! Thank God he’s dead!

    • Yep I was the same. And as mentioned above, that episode is the one that sucked me back in. Which is saying a bit, since my husband started to hate it with the shower scene. Since then he has not watched a single episode. But I told him they redeemed the show so he is waiting for the show to come out on Blu Ray to make his decision.

      I also told him his favorite character is in it…Jason. He loves Jason.

  3. Bilith?!? Very funny. Anyone familiar with the term “jumped the shark”? OMG I am such a True Blood junkie but that was just TFF. I was so very, VERY tired of Bill anyway. Best way EVER to remake a character. ;o)

    • We’re not jumping the shark at all. Even those who work on TB have called him, “Bilith”. LOL But I do agree that it was a great way to remake a character. I was sick of him too.

  4. I’m with y’all! Bill to goo to Billith, then Eric staking Russell.

  5. yeah my OMG/WTF moment was Bill turning to goo and unfortunely returning into Billith…i was hoping he was gone for good! My HELL YEAH moment was Eric finally killing Russell and saving Sookie like he should. Bill basically being reborn as Billith was a shocker that Alan Ball would do that to his beloved Bill ….but i am glad he did make Bill admit to being the douche he always has been to us.

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  7. Ditto on those choices! I was so shocked and excited when Bill turned to goo. That scene gave me hope for next season. Let’s hope they they keep him Billith and doesn’t have Sookie try and get her Beehl back.

  8. Of course I’m with the consensus on those two picks, how could you not be????? Everything said above is sooooo true. I just love the possibilities of where they can now take the show and even Billiths’ character. I just hope the same as luvvamps, and hope that Sookie doesn’t eff things up and think she can redeem Billith and get Billy back…… I just want her to stay with our Viking and move on and end all the “fae crap” storyline and get back to the basic’s of the books. I know thats’ probably an impossible dream of mine but I know that this show isn’t going to last many more seasons and I want it to wrap up in the right way…………..

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