The 2012 Bloody Awards: Favorite Eric and Sookie Moment

We’ve saved the BEST for last! You didn’t think we would forget about our favorite couple did you?  Never fear…we like to keep things interesting until the bitter end!

Unfortunately, this will be the last poll and last category for you to cast your votes in The 2012 Bloody Awards! Let’s just say that we’ve had a blast hosting these awards. We think these awards have been a tremendous success and we’ve had a lot of fun! Who better to decide our favorite moments from True Blood Season 5 than us – isn’t that right, Eric and Sookie lovers?

The last category and final poll in The 2012 Bloody Awards is…Favorite Eric and Sookie Moment! Remember, you have only 24 hours to cast your votes and you can only vote once! Sorry…better make sure you pick the right one!

Thanks for voting, Eric & Sookie Lovers!

Good luck to all the winners.  Make sure to follow us on our Twitter and Facebook pages, where we will announce the winners LIVE on Friday, November 2 at 8 EST! (Links are in the sidebar.)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Eric & Sookie lovers;  for casting your votes, for sharing the links to the polls and for contributing in many different ways throughout the voting process! We’ve had a lot of fun doing this and we might have to do this again next year.

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15 comments on “The 2012 Bloody Awards: Favorite Eric and Sookie Moment

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    Last chance to vote and it’s for the favorite E/S Moment!!!

  2. They unfortunately didn’t have many scenes, but I had to go with Eric saving Sookie from Nora. I loved his speech.

  3. I had to go for: Eric comforts Sookie after Bill turned to goo,
    and told her to “run” when Billith rises.

    They didn’t had that much scenes together this season,
    but this was a real moment and i thought Bill was finally gone, he’s so enoying,
    well, he sort of is, and then he turned in to Billith o_O ..

  4. I went for the “mine” moment, though they were all good. When he comforted her at the end was close. The saddest moment between them was when Eric saw her with Alcide and she said, “I was worried about you”, and just quietly he says “Clearly.”

  5. I went for Eric saving Sookie from Nora. I really loved his speech and him thanking her. *melts*

  6. There should be an option “all of the above”. I loved all their moments this season. Eric glamouring Alcide was so like the old Eric and Sookie wasn’t even really angry when she found out.out. And I really loved him thanking her to helping him get Russell (although it would have been nice if the writers had Sookie thank him for saving her too **sigh**) but I went for “she’s mine”. Every time he says that I get very nice funny feelings all over :)

  7. It has to be “she’s mine”. It reminded me of the books the most. Any time they go to the books is the best for me. Now if only in the next season he would call her “My Lover” I will be in heaven!

  8. Of course I chose the end scene, where Eric was comforting Sookie after Bill turned to goo….. I thought that that moment was the most touching and telling of the season between the two of them. I could feel the love pouring from Eric into Sookie just from the look of disbelief and shock on his face and the way he was holding her. The way Sookie looked up to him in that moment before the embrace to me was all-telling. Now to see what happens in Season 6 between our favorite couple, that is the question!

  9. My two favourite Eric/Sookie moments were when Eric tells the guard who comments
    on the blond in the back~”yeah,she’s amazing~~And she’s MINE”
    Eric finally said the words everyone has been wanting to hear since Season 1!!!!
    Eric staked his claim to Sookie!!!
    And then he held her tight after Bill drank Lilith’s blood and became Bilith!!!

  10. I had to go with ‘Mine’ also. It was a really tough decision but I think that was the moment that summed up everything the best.

  11. Any moments where the two of them shared screen time in S5 were precious to me but I chose him saving her from Nora and the speech he gave because I thought it showed how much he valued her as a person. They are all good choices though.

  12. All of the moments were incredible. However, my favorite amongst all these favorites is when Eric asks Sookie for help to save Bill. His expression is so eloquent of how much he loves her and is willing to sacrifice for her(saving Bill is when it all boils down to it saving his rival) and her response to his look is an immediate but very hearfelt “okay”. She acknowledges in this scene that all of Eric is talking to her, not just AE, and that she loves and responds to all of him. His total personality. The follow up scene when Eric comforts her about Bill’s death and she looks up at him for reassurance just confirms and re-enforces this bond new bond between them. I say new because it is not divisive or combative as their old one was and because it is rooted in trust in each other..

    • I love the way Sookie looks up at him in that final scene. I hope you are right about them having a new bond and she completely trusts him next season, and they have plenty of early screen time together for their relationship to progress.

  13. I had to go with Eric saving her from Nora because of how important it was to their relationship. The speech he gave was so sweet and how they looked at each other. It was significant in how their relationship might progress in the future.

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