Alexander Skarsgård talks to the “Daily Chilli”

Winter is coming.

At least here in the northern hemisphere it is. Literally.

Winter also means that filming for True Blood Season 6 will be getting under way. We still have a looooong ways to go till then.

In the meantime, lets heat it up with this Alexander Skarsgård featured on The Daily Chilli. I swear, the name just makes me want to dance.

The interview itself covered the prerequisite 50 Shades of Gray questions, what it was like filming “Hidden”, and (of course) his “Encounter” experience. *shivers*

They also asked him some True Blood related questions… specifically about filming nude scenes with Anna knowing Stephen could be watching.

DC: What’s it like being naked with Anna Paquin/Sookie Stackhouse onTrue Blood knowing that her husband Stephen Moyer/Bill Compton is watching? (Eric, half human/half fairy Sookie and vampire Bill are in a love triangle; Stephen and Anna have been married two years.)
AS: It’s not a problem. We’ve worked together for five years and we’re dear, dear friends. I love Anna and Stephen. We’re all professionals and they know it’s a job. This is what we do. I’ve had talks with Stephen before and he’s very comfortable with it (laughs). He’s not threatened.

And then they flipped it around asking him how he would feel if it was his wife filming the love scenes with a friend/costar.

DC: What if Anna was your wife, would you be comfortable watching Stephen do that with her?
AS: Absolutely. My father (Stellan Skarsgård, who played Dr Erik Selvig in Thor andThe Avengers) is an actor, so I grew up in a family where he had to do that a lot with actresses and my mother had to deal with it. That’s just part of the nature of what we do. It looks very romantic sometimes when you watch movies, but when you shoot it on the day it’s not very sexy.

Of course, you might have been distracted from his answers, for right below it… we were able to watch THIS

I told you we were heating it up.

So maybe its a good thing winter is coming.

For the full interview, click here!

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  1. Winter is going to be way to long!

  2. Well, I must say between the article and the video, I’m literately sweatin’ my butt off!!!! LoL
    Thanks for the pick me up to start the weekend off!!!!

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