The 2012 Bloody Awards: The Results

After a week of voting…the results are IN! For those who were unable to follow our LIVE awards show on our Twitter and Facebook pages, here are the results of The 2012 Bloody Awards!

Without further ado…check out the winners below!

Favorite True Blood Episode in Season 5

Episode 12; “Save Yourself” won by 67%! The next favorite episode coming in at 2nd place was Episode 5; “Let’s Boot’n Rally” with 14% of the votes!

Favorite “New” Vampire

Your favorite “new” vampire this season was Tara Thornton, who won by 35% of the votes! While it was very close between Molly and Steve Newlin who were battling it out in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Favorite Flashback

Eric and Pam dominated the results of your favorite flashback scene…but which scene in particular won this award? The one where Eric saved Pam from an attacker in the streets, then proceeded to lick the blood off his fingers (48% of the votes)! Coming in 2nd was Eric and Pam in bed, followed by Pam’s turning (30%) and in 3rd place was when Eric and Pam meet Lorena and Bill and discovered who Bill really was (15%).

Favorite Guest-Star

Who was your favorite guest-star this season? Denis O’Hare (Russell Edgington) won this award with 46% of the votes! Next was Chris Meloni with 20% and remember our little guest-star by the name of Mr. Spock? He got a few votes too with 3% of the votes!

Favorite “I-Knew-It” Moment

Your favorite moment which you claim to have seen coming…was when Eric killed Russell and saved Sookie with a resounding 53%! A distant 2nd place was Tara becoming a vampire and Pam being her maker with 15% of the votes. And 12% of you weren’t surprised to see Bill reveal his “true” colors!

Favorite Other Character Quote

With 32% of the votes…your favorite quote was; “I am a wearing a Wal-Mart sweat suit for y’all. If that’s not demonstration of team spirit – I don’t know what is.” ~ Pam

Your next favorite quotes were; “You don’t know me that well. My mad face and my happy face are the same.” And “Must all roads lead to fucking Sookie.” ~ which were also said by Pam. What can I say? We must love Pam’s snark!

Biggest Tear-Jerker

The moment which caused the most tears was when Eric released Pam, with an overwhelming 61% of the votes! The next biggest tear-jerking moment was when Jessica glamoured Hoyt with only 8%. Both were good enough reasons to bring out the Kleenex box.

Favorite V-Trip

The winner of your favorite V-trip was under the influence of Lilith’s blood and when Eric, Bill and the rest of the Authority terrorized the citizens of NOLA with over 47% of the votes! Coming in second with 34%, was when Eric and Nora imagined they watched Godric die at the hands of Lilith.

Favorite OMG/WTF Moment

The moment which made you think, “OMG…WTF?” Was when Bill turned to goo…then rose as Bilith with over 71% of the votes. The moment which came in a distant 2nd was when Sookie puked on Alcide’s feet with only 9% of the votes.

Favorite HELL YEAH Moment

The biggest HELL YEAH moment which made us stand up and cheer was when Eric saved Sookie and staked Russell with over 60% of the votes! The next moments which made us stand up and cheer was when Bill turned to goo (unfortunately he didn’t stay that way), followed Tara killing Elijah with Eric’s sword!

Favorite Eric and Sookie Moment

In the category which means the most to us…we’re not very surprised to reveal that Eric comforting Sookie when Bill turns into goo, then tells Sookie to ‘run’ when Bilith rises was our favorite this season! Our next favorite scene was when Eric tells Sookie she’s amazing and she’s ‘mine’ on the way to the Authority headquarters. Followed by the moment in which Eric stops Nora from biting Sookie and tells Sookie ‘thanks’ for letting him know.

Biggest “Caption This” Moment

We had you submit in your own words – which scene was most in need of a redo and to re-write it the way you want in our Biggest “Caption This” Moment.  Most of you picked the same scene…the one where Bill turned into goo…except all of you would have Bill remain dead instead. (We agree.) One Eric and Sookie lover by the name of Cheryl said that Eric would say to Sookie, “I’ll get the wet vac!” – after he sees the puddle of blood on the floor. Another lover said that they would incorporate the vampires and the Authority into the werewolf packmaster contest to make it more interesting.

All in all we had a lot of fun hosting The 2012 Bloody Awards! We will have to do it again next year! Thanks so much for voting and for helping us get the word out about it!

Surprised, pleased, disappointed – by the results? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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4 comments on “The 2012 Bloody Awards: The Results

  1. OMG! The wet vac comment was me! All I could think about was when Sookie put Talbot in the garbage disposal. I thought what can we do with all the Bill goo? I must have laughed for ten minutes. Thanks for The 2012 Bloody Awards! It would we be a long and boring winter and spring without Eric and Sookie Lovers.

    • LOL! Loved that comment, luvvamps!! :D Thanks for the kind of words too. Yes, it would be a long and boring winter/spring…hopefully we’ll have lots to talk about in the coming months! :)

  2. Very happy that everything I voted for was what most others thought too. It was a great poll and I wanted to Thank you for doing it, and posting the results so we could see.

    Hope that next season is an exciting one and then we can do it all over again!! At least now we’re only two more months from the start of filming. Hoping for an Eric and Sookie filled upcoming season.

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