Alexander Skarsgård Featured In German – InStyle Men Magazine

Alexander Skarsgård is featured in the November 2012 issue of the German InStyle Men Magazine!  Our good friend and fellow Eric & Sookie Lover, Jill – was gracious enough to not only scan the magazine for us, but included the full translation of the article!

Check out the scans below!

Alex is featured in the “Trends & Talk” segment  as translated below.

Hey, you old Swede!


Actor Alexander Skarsgård (“Battleship) about Nights with Buddy’s, Beer & Vodka! And what really helps if you have a hangover.

Alexander Skarsgård sits in the “Smyth Hotel” in New York City and raves about the October fest. The “True Blood” Star was two Years ago in Munich. “Its was crazy! Really surreal, I have never experienced something like that before. I wore leather pants, ate chicken and had 6 measure of Beer. I really partied hard!” remembers the 36 old man. Since this September the Swede is the new Face of the new Calvin Klein fragrance “Encounter”.

Alexander Skarsgård wears a three-day beard, a white Shirt, black Calvin Klein Jeans, gray Converse and chats about Pubs and Hangovers!

InStyle Men: The Calvin Klein Campaign is gritty like your “True Blood” – Series.

Skarsgard: Yes, almost like a Fritz-Lang Movie. I was really attracted to this Project! And I was really happy, to work with the Photographer Steven Klein. I knew him in the past and it was great and so well.

InStyle Men: Where do you like to go out?

Skarsgard: I rarely visit official Party’s, but I love to meet my friends at local Bars or Street-Pubs. Last Weekend I was in Stockholm again. I was really happy to see my friends and family. My Dad Stellan is one of my best friends, so we sat the whole Afternoon outside at a Street-local and had some Beer. This was great!

InStyle Men: What is your favorite Drink?

Skarsgard: Cognac and Whiskey, but more as a enjoyment after a great Dinner. When I go out, I drink beer or Vodka. But I should keep my Finger off “Snus” its a Swedish chewing tobacco. I don’t smoke, but when I’m drunk, I love Snus. When my Friends from Sweden visit me in L.A. they often brought my some Snus. But unfortunately I get a Hangover from it.

InStyle Men: What is you recipe against a Hangover?

Skarsgard: I cook some stew or Beef bourguignon, the main point is: Hearty! I love to cook and to invite my Friends. In my Family were cooking, collaborative Meals and a good glass of Wine really important Part of our lives. I’m glad, that I have such a good metabolism.

Special thanks again to Jill – who also makes our “Icons of the Month”! ;)

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7 comments on “Alexander Skarsgård Featured In German – InStyle Men Magazine

  1. I love this article ..Thanks for posting it !!

  2. Great article; thanks for posting it. I love reading the pretty man’s accounts of his life. He seems to be really well balanced and has a marvellous circle of friends and family. But I can’t help wondering whether it might not be all the alcohol he drinks that gets him drunk before he gets into the Snus, rather than the Snus itself, that causes the hangovers. :D

  3. I’m impressed~ Who knew that Alexander could cook?
    Wonder what else Alex can cook? Love the article.

  4. Well there were a few new points brought up in this article. I knew that Alex hated cigarettes, but who knew he dipped…..(Yuck! that was kinda a turn off) but he sounds like any typical unattached young man who loves to party. Although all the Swedes I know all seem to love drinking…LOL.

    I have read previously that Alex knows his way around the kitchen, which he learned from his Dad, who also loves to cook. So he’ll be a fine catch to some lucky young woman someday. Hopefully soon, as if he wants to start a family, which he has said he wants, he’d better start thinking of finding the appropriate gal. Just like all of us, he isn’t getting any younger……..

    Thanks for posting this article I enjoyed reading it!!!!!

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