Charlaine Harris First Post-HEA Appearance Confirmed

Despite threatening to go into hiding when the conclusion to the Sookie Stackhouse adventures, Dead Ever After, is released next May, Charlaine Harris’s first post-HEA appearance has now been confirmed. Ms Harris has advised that she will not be touring after the final novel hits book-store shelves, but she will be attending the Harrogate Crime Writers Fesitval in the UK, from July 18 to 21.

Although Sookie’s maker will no doubt be hoping to talk about crime writing and her future projects, it’s certain she won’t be able to escape the interest in the ending to her most famous series. Hopefully those of us lucky enough to attend will simply be there to congratulate her on an amazing story and give her a big round of applause for giving us the Eric & Sookie ending we crave!

Only 6 more months to cross all our fingers and toes.

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6 comments on “Charlaine Harris First Post-HEA Appearance Confirmed

  1. Please answer a major question I have~Why does Charlaine Harris insist that her
    Southern Vampire Stories are “Mysteries?” I don’t see them as “Mysteries”
    What I saw them as is chopped up love stories,with plots that had lots of missing
    pieces/plot lines/missing facts about the characters and dangling loose ends that
    Ms. Harris never really finished telling.

    I agree with Evie, I’m an Eric Northman/Sookie Stackhouse Lover.
    They belong together Forever,William Thomas Compton III doesn’t deserve her.

  2. Evie, regarding your last paragraph, all I can say is, “from your lips to Gods’ ears”. I sure hope we get a HEA for Sookie and Eric too!!!!

  3. Oh cripes. Going into hiding? Well, that just confirms all over again that we aren’t going to like how this ends. Thank god for fan fic.

    • I’m thinking that she meant she would be hiding from Bill / Alcide / Quinn / Anyone else fans. Positive thinking – it’s ERIC :)

      • I don’t know, I think the Eric fans are the ones she should be more worried about if we don’t get what we want. Since there is obviously more of us.

  4. […] The final Sookie Stackhouse novel, “Dead Ever After” hasn’t been released yet – and Charlaine is already making plans for post-DEA appearances! Find out where and when she will be appearing here! […]

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