Video Of The Week (7)

It’s Sunday again and that means another 7 days less until True Blood Season 6. Time to temporarily banish our hiatus blues with another Sookie & Eric video from a fellow Sooric supporter. I’ve gone for the good, old fashioned, romantic angle this week, with a gorgeous accompanying song, this video is by andrajacsi. Hope you enjoy:

Eric & Sookie 

I knew it from the start

You can visit the maker on You-tube here

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5 comments on “Video Of The Week (7)

  1. Another Great video!!! I’ve never seen this one before, and I just loved the song and how they edited the video to fit the lyrics. I just loved it, showing Eric and Sookie from the very beginning thru the seasons to current.

    Thank you for posting this video today, it put a smile on my face………sigh……….

  2. very loving video! shows their passion for each other….hopefully we will get more of this in season 6

  3. I love this video . The song is so perfect and to see all the seasons of Eric & Sookie together is truly amazing . I hope season 6 brings more of them to together ..to me theyare perfect ….Thanks for posting this video …..

  4. I believe it’s the best on yet! Thanks for sharing!

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