Vote for Alex: Sexiest Men of 2012

Who’s sick of voting yet? LOL We bring  you the latest poll – courtesy of Perez Hilton!

This is what they said about the reasons behind this poll;

We previously told you that Channing Tatum is said to be named People’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2012!

While it still has yet to be confirmed, we figured we’d have a little fun before the issue is unveiled on November 14th!

We came up with a few choices for some of Hollywood’s seXXXiest men and want to hear who YOU think would make a good runner-up… that is, if Channing does take home the crown!

Alexander Skarsgård and Joe Manganiello (or as they spell it over at Perez Hilton…Joe Mangigilo – from his days in “Magic Mike”) from True Blood are mentioned in this poll.

At of the time of this post, Joe is leading with 22% of the votes, while Alex is in 3rd place behind Ian Somerhalder (who has 21%) with only 18%!

WTF? This will NOT do!

We need you to cast your votes for Alex HERE!

Please pass this on and help spread the word because you can only vote once!

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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16 comments on “Vote for Alex: Sexiest Men of 2012

  1. I found out about this on facebook this am. I’ve been voting and at this point, the standings are still the same. I’ll keep voting and hoping all the rest of Alex/Erics’ fans start and keep voting for him too.

    Can’t let the werewolf beat out our Viking now can we???? VOTE – VOTE – VOTE

    • I think it’s because you can only vote once…need to get this around to more people ;)

      NO! Definitely refuse to allow some MUTT beat our Viking! ;)

  2. Okay, I just can’t take this poll seriously. Justin Bieber is not even a man.

  3. All the teeny boppers are voting for Ian, gag the same way he won all the other polls, they swarm like ants ;)

    • It’s not only teeny boppers who watch that show.

      • Excuse me, and young adults, it is the demographics of the show. It is mostly teens. It is widely seen due to it’s being on a basic cable station, while the other vampire show is on a pay-station. Explains quit a bit there.

        • Yeah, but he has fans of all ages while Alex unfortunately doesn’t. I’m tired of him always being put up against Ian.

          • Believe what you like, Alex does have fans of all ages, just not as many children ;) as for being put up against Ian lololol of course he is, why would he not be? What is it that you are doing here, this is a Eric and Sookie site, meaning Alexander Skarsgard is part of it, not Ian, just trolling?

          • Um, no, I’ve probably been in this site longer than you have. You keep twisting everything I say, I mean because Ian always wins these polls and I’m getting tired of it. Obviously Alex is the better choice, you don’t have to tell me twice. I’d choose him in a heartbeat.

          • I apologize, I thought you were downing on Alex, many sneak onto sites to do just that. Yes the polls that Ian has won are ridiculous, in that they were over run by the fans of the show that he is on.

          • I would cut off a limb before I ever say anything bad about Alex. Okay, maybe nothing that drastic…lol! I adore him and Eric, wouldn’t be here otherwise. Believe me, the trolls are pretty easy to spot. They’re usually the ones who go on about how great Bill is, blah blah blah.

  4. just voted a few times for the wonderful Mr Skarsgard – no numbers changed but will keep trying most polls of this kind let you vote more than once hope this one does.

  5. I voted for Alex and he’s on the lead when I checked the results.

  6. Done my duty for the day. =) He’s in the lead at 26%!!! And to be honest, Channing Tatum is just blah.

  7. […] I know he should be first…but you have to read the reasons behind this poll! Check it out here! While you’re at it…Eric Northman was named as one of HBO’s Biggest […]

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