10 Minutes With Alexander Skarsgard

There are a lot of things you might want to do if you got to spend 10 minutes with Alexander Skarsgard, and the London Evening Standard decided to use the time to ask him a few questions, when they caught up with him during his whirlwind Encounter promotion tour.

Here’s what they asked and  what he said:

You’ve spent the past two months shacked up with Andrea Riseborough in a bomb shelter for the filmHidden, how was that?

Intense: we were surrounded by soot, dust and ash, and living on a diet of kale salad, a bit of protein and water. I’m pretty thrilled to be in New York now, eating like a horse.

The advert you’ve done with Lara Stone for the new Calvin Klein fragrance is very sensual, did you enjoy filming it?

It was wild and very gripping. We filmed in this weird dungeon with lots of sweat and leather, so it was very sexy and film noir.

Talking of sweat and leather, you’ve been identified as a potential Christian Grey in the film version ofFifty Shades of Grey, are you flattered or offended?

Of course it’s flattering, but I haven’t even read the novels so I don’t know whether I’m interested in doing it or not. I am interested to see what the hype is about.

Which smells remind you of your childhood?

It’s not very sexy, but there was a sausage factory near my house in South Stockholm so I remember the foul smell going to school every morning. It wasn’t the smell of a nice cooked sausage.

Other than TV series such as The Bridge and The Killing, what is Scandinavia’s greatest export?

I’d have to say the pacemaker, it’s done more good for humanity.

Will people ever get tired of vampires?

I don’t know. Ask me when I’m 58 and we’ve wrapped on True Blood.

What was Lady Gaga like when you starred in her music video Paparazzi?

It was her first album and was very odd. She wasn’t the girl that people know today. I mean she was about 17, so I didn’t really know who she was, but in the video I try to push her off a balcony and she comes back to poison me. It sounded like a fun thing to do.

We particularly like the quote that he might be in True Blood until he’s 58, wishful thinking! Of course we don’t believe people will get tired of vampires, especially the tall, blonde, Viking ones!

Source: 10 minutes with Alexander Skarsgard


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7 comments on “10 Minutes With Alexander Skarsgard

  1. Sigh~ I love that tall blonde Viking!!

  2. Ah our Alex is quite the kidder!!!! I really don’t think, regardless of how great he will look at 58 if True Blood would be around, but like he, himself has already said, its’ his F*** you money, so at least he knows its’ steady work and more importantly a steady income….LOL. If he wasn’t working he sure as heck couldn’t afford that Porche and beautiful home hes’ purchased!!!!! All kidding aside, I’m sure Alex will look as handsome at 58 as he is today. Just look at his Dad and you can see what he’ll look like. Unfortunately for some of us, like me, I possibly won’t live long enough to see that day… Unless, I live into my mid-80’s…..LOL

    I listened to the phone interview he did with the gals at True-Blood.net yesterday, and it sounds like hes’ been on an international whirlwind tour and hasn’t been back in LA but a few days. Was glad to hear he got to at least spend some time with his familyand friends in Sweden too. Hope he is getting some rest now that hes’ back in the US with filming starting on True Blood in less than 2 months, he’ll need it!!!!

    Thanks for posting this interview, I love reading about him and what hes’ up to!!!!!!

  3. If he actually read the books, I bet he would be offended. People wanting him to take on that role is not flattering, I wish they would just leave him alone about it. He’s way too good for that, I honestly hope it goes to someone else. And someone I don’t like, that way I won’t have to bother watching. As much as I’d love to see him playing Eric until he’s 58 or whatever, obviously vampire shows can’t last that long. I would say True Blood at least has one or two seasons left.

    • I totally agree that he would probably be offended if he did actually read the 50 Shades books. I wish interviewers would stop asking him that question over and over. He has said many times that he doesn’t want to be cast in roles based on his looks/sex appeal and let’s face it, that’s all the Christian Grey role would be. The writing is atrocious!

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