Vote For Charlaine Harris As Ruler Of Vampire Fiction

To celebrate the 165th anniversary of Dracula writer, Bram Stoker’s birthday, CSC Books are asking the simple question – Who rules Vampire Fiction?

Sookie and Eric’s maker, Charlaine Harris, is included as the writer of the Contemporary Cult Classic. She is up against some strong competition from Bram Stoker himself (the classic), Anne Rice (the romantic), Stephanie Meyer (the guilty pleasure) and Joss Whedon (the cross-over superstar).

Charlaine is doing very well so far and is currently battling it out with the creator of Buffy the vampire slayer .

You can  help give recognition to the writer who created the world’s sexiest vampire by voting for her here

(The world’s sexist vampire is obviously Eric Northman just in case anyone is new to this blog and a little bit unclear)

Thank you for voting!

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4 comments on “Vote For Charlaine Harris As Ruler Of Vampire Fiction

  1. All of the people who write Vampire fiction are good.
    I don’t choose to read any of the books by Stephanie Meyer.
    I’m “Old School” when it comes to my Vampires.
    I’ve not read BramStoker’s Original Dracula yet.

    First Vampire novel was Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire.
    I’ve read all of her Vampire books and some of her books concerning the Witch saga.
    I’ve read all of Charlaine Harris’s novels~except the last one and the one which is
    scheduled to come out in May of 2013.
    I’m totally in love with the television series that has been adapted from the books.
    I’m a watcher of this series from the 1st Season,1st Episode and I will watch it till
    it the last Season/Last Episode is aired on HBO.

    I also love the writings of a fanfiction writer named Morgaine Swann.
    She’s written some wonderful stories based upon Charlaine Harris’s character’s
    Eric Northman,Sookie Stackhouse. One of her best stories is part three of a trilogy
    the first is called “The Understanding” #2. “She’s Coming Home” & “LATE!!!”
    Late is my favourite,it’s 108 chapters and growing!!!
    I’ve read it over 40+times and can’t get enough of it!!!

    Can’t just choose just one Vampire writer as my favourite.
    Love Lestat’s mom,Anne Rice and would love to read another book
    by her~Would love to read a book by both Charlaine Harris & Anne Rice??

  2. I had to vote for Joss Whedon on this one. Buffy is where I first fell in love with vampires, but it looks like Charlaine is in the lead.

  3. I love the poll. I voted for 2 authors. :)

  4. […] you believe that Charlaine Harris is the ruler of vampire fiction? Cast your votes to show your support for the Maker, who created our favorite […]

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