Audrey Fisher’s Costume Gallery

Apart from the obvious story and character aspects of True Blood, there are 3 things that I absolutely love about the show – the music, the set design and the costumes.

And now Bon Temps head costume designer, Audrey Fisher, has her own web-site which includes costume sketches and gorgeous images from the show. Here are a couple of her sketches:

Featured below are some of my favorites from Audrey’s designs .

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You can check out more of these images in Audrey’s gallery and there is also a video reel highlighting her costumes and their place in the center of the True Blood action.


And don’t forget to let us know which are your favorite costumes from the show and who you think has the best look.

My Queen of Style was Sophie-Anne, and Lorena and Salome most definitely had better taste in clothes than they did in men! Of course Sookie wouldn’t be Sookie without her sun dresses. As for Mr Northman, I think we all know his best look, and unfortunately for Audrey, she wouldn’t be needed for that one.

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2 comments on “Audrey Fisher’s Costume Gallery

  1. Thanks for passing along her website Evie!!! I just checked it out and enjoyed seeing all of her designs. I truely enjoyed her idea boards especially the ones where she came up with such authentic Viking costumes. Of course I also enjoyed all of Pams’ sexy outfits too. I agree with you on Sophie Ann, she most definately was the most stylish of the women.

    I also agree with you on Erics’ look (or non-look, however you want to put it…LOL). But I truely do melt when hes’ dressed in all black with that darn leather jacket. I do wish they would bring back the Tank top of Doom look tho’, I miss seeing his gorgeous bicips!!!!

    I put her site in my favorites, so now I can follow the fashions for season 6 too.

  2. […] Audrey Fisher, who dresses Eric Northman in his sexy Viking clothing and in the black tank top we all drool over, as well as dressing Sookie in those simple, flowing dresses…now has a website where you can check out her designs! Check it out in the Audrey Fisher costume gallery! […]

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