Posters Released For Anna’s Straight A’s Movie

There are now  a couple of posters out for Anna Paquin’s movie Straight A’s, which she filmed during the 2011 hiatus.

According to IMDb the movie, which co-stars Ryan Phillippe and Luke Wilson, will be released in the US on 4th December. There is no official trailer available yet and we are not sure how wide the release will be.

From the description on comingsoon.net it looks like Anna’s character in the movie will find herself in the middle of a love triangle (but at least Anna has plenty of practice playing in one of those).

Plot Summary: Phillippe portrays a man who’s been in and out of rehab for 10 years and is haunted by the ghost of his dead mother pressing him to return home to the family he turned his back on years ago. Outfitted with nothing more than a bag of pills and a sack of weed, he trots back to Shreveport, only to be faced with his brother’s wife, who’s still pining for him, her first love.

Posters source: I’m here for Sookie!

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4 comments on “Posters Released For Anna’s Straight A’s Movie

  1. Thanks for the heads up on Anna’s upcoming movie. I’m a big fan of hers and Luke Wilson, so I’m hoping that its’ a wide release and is shown here in ATL this Spring.

    Since Anna hasn’t been in too many films, I always enjoy seeing her new ones!!!!

  2. This movie sounds interesting~one fact that I find really funny is the location.
    Shreveport. Now that is a concidence or what??
    Shreveport plays a very important part in TrueBlood & Anna’s other love triangle.
    Only films that I’ve seen Anna in is The Piano & Fly Away Home.
    The only other film I saw was the one about the Holocaust suvivor,that Anna won the
    Golden Globe for. will look out for this film.

  3. Great news !! Anna films i love . The Piano ,Margaret , The Members Of The Wedding , Trick or Treat, X-men , Amistad their are others as well . I have seen them all . Looking forward to seeing this film as well .

  4. […] movie posters from Anna Paquin’s movie, “Straight A’s” in which she stars with Ryan […]

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