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This week’s choice is already a popular feature with fans on Youtube. It revolves around the Sooric-centric True Blood Season 4.  It was made by themightysian, and what strikes me most when watching it is just how many different sides to Eric Northman we saw in Season 4 (it’s really not just as simple as Viking Eric and Amnesic Eric) and how wonderful Alexander Skarsgard was in portraying such a complex character.  For your viewing pleasure:

Eric & Sookie


You can check out the makers videos on Youtube here

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5 comments on “Video Of The Week (8)

  1. Yep, this is on my favorites list on youtube. You’re right, Eric showed so many of his layers in season 4, it is my favorite season of TB so far. (ignoring all the witch and Bill baloney that was the unforgettable part of that season).

    Thanks for posting, it was good to view it once again. Although I had to watch it several times….LOL. It seems I can never get/see enough of our wonderful Viking ever…

  2. Season 4 was one of my very favourite Season’s!!
    Finally got what we wanted~ Eric & Sookie making Love!!!
    Even if it was only for a short time~would have loved more of them together.
    Didn’t need to see King Bill.
    Another great song that would make a wonderful Eric/Sookie video is
    Diana Krall’s “When I look in your Eyes”~just listen to the words carefully and
    see how they fit Sookie & Eric so perfectally.

  3. Perfect video for a perfect couple . Season 4 to me is a great season Eric & Sookie were great together . Loved every minute of it . Thanks for posting it Eric & Sookie Lovers . Eric & Sookie all the way for me .I will never give up hope . I hope deeply season 6 they will be together .

  4. They are the perfect couple! How can Alan Ballsack and company not see that? Sweet video!Thanks for sharing.

  5. […] Eric and Sookie remind you of a couple horny animals? Check out this week’s pick for Video of the Week and let us know what you think about this video […]

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