Celebrating the SVM: Cooking Southern Comfort (4)

After my success with the chicken strips from the Sookie Stackhouse Companion, I was ready to take on any of the recipes in my mission to “Celebrate the SVM” as we count down to the release of “Dead Ever After”. For with the strips, I was 3 for 3 in my “kitchen stadium”.

I admit I was cocky and decided to take on one of the simpler recipes from the book to “knock it off my to do list” … so I could focus on what I wanted to try next.

Fried Green Tomatoes… no problem.

Boy was I wrong.

It was a simple recipe… Slice the tomatoes 1/4 inch thick, soak in buttermilk, coat in a cornmeal/flour mixture, and fry.

It should have been very easy to execute. I started off fine, I bought the tomatoes and had everything else on my shelf and set up my little assembly line. It was down hill from there… for I fried me some green tomatoes. They just did not come out as expected… “golden brown”

I think I made the slices thicker then called for, though it is tough cutting them by hand. And I should have used a bigger fry pan. For hotter oil.

For my first attempt, it really was not that bad. They tasted ok, just not as done or “golden” as they should have been. I even tried a “double dredging” of a slice to see how it would come out. It was slightly better. But not well enough for me to feel like I have mastered this recipe.

Oh Tomatoes, game on.

You may have won this battle, but I refuse to concede the war. We will meet again.. and soon.

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5 comments on “Celebrating the SVM: Cooking Southern Comfort (4)

  1. You are braver than I am. I have always wanted to try them and never have. Maybe next time I see them on a menu somewhere I will. They look good though!

    • Brave.. I like that word :)

      Though I do think the photos made the tomatoes look a bit darker. I wll know more next time I try this recipe :)

      Let me know what you think when you try them!

  2. Well B I’m glad to hear that you tried this oldtime Southern favorite. They are also one of mine too. I have several suggestions that may help you get your tomato’s a nicer golden brown. After looking at your pics above, I noticed you used a non-stick type of pan. I’ve never had luck frying anything in one of those. If you have or can get a cast iron skillet that is the best to use, as they distribute much more even heat and get the oil to the right temp. Secondly, don’t fry too many slices at one time, as the more you put into the pan at one time, it lowers the temp of the cooking oil, which would greatly effect the cooking/browning of the food your cooking. I always use my cast iron for cooking my fried chicken etc. Even if you don’t have a cast iron a regular non-coated non stick pan should work better and give you better results.

    Don’t be discouraged, just try again. These are worth the effort in my book. Good Luck on your next batch!

    • Thanks for the idea about the pan… for some reason i decided to use a different pan from when i made the tenders so I will use that one when i try this one again. I am not sure I can swing a cast iron at this time.

  3. […] recipe from The Sookie Stackhouse Companion! This time she is taking on the old Southern classic Fried Green Tomatoes! Think she would make a great chef after this latest […]

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