Possible tree swinging with the Skars

Whenever True Blood is on hiatus, there are always rumors swirling around on what our favorite actors might work on during their “down time” away from the show. I dare say it could be one of our favorite past times here at Eric and Sookie Lovers.

There have been recent rumors of a certain Swede being in the running for the title role in Tarzan. The rumor has picked up steam with the recent article from Variety entitled “Alexander Skarsgård swings into “Tarzan” frontrunner“.

The article goes on to state that Alex is David Yates’, newly signed directer of the project and director of the final 4 Harry Potter movies, choice for the role. Variety has also indicated that while not officially green lighted by Warner Bros, it could possibly start filming next summer. Which, by my calculations, should have our Mr Skarsgård finished filming True Blood season 6.

While both parties are on the quiet side, it never hurts to speculate what it all could mean.

As for my own personal speculation… Alex was in London last week (confirmed by fan pictures)… David Yates is normally in London…. I am starting to see the numbers on the wall.


Alex is always brilliant in what ever role he plays and I have the utmost respect for David Yates… I am intrigued to see what may happen.

What do you think?


We look forward to your comments below!

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25 comments on “Possible tree swinging with the Skars

  1. Also while speaking of roles for Alex while I would love to see him as Tarzan, the writer and screenwriter of Fifty Shades are in London as well, and the producers spend a lot of time there as well. It is something to think on, indeed :)

  2. I would prefer Tarzan over Christian Grey, which I still hope does not happen.

    • I concur, Christian Grey would be a step backward for Alex as an Actor. At best 50 shades is a soft core porn with scenes of physical abuse and that’s just what could get shown in a theater. Much as I like looking at that great bod, he’s past working degrading role like this one.

      Now on the other hand Tarzan as The Lord of Greystoke would be a great role for Alex. It would be challenging both physically and mentally.

  3. I must disagree, a role is just that, a role. And it would do wonders for his career, and he wants it. It would do wonders for his career I believe, but then that is just my humble opinion. :)

  4. Sorry for the double post there.

  5. After reading snippets of Fifty Shades trilogy from the web. I do not want Alex to play Christian Grey. (I became curious and wanted to read the books because of this Alex as Christian Grey fantasy by fans. So I looked it up but it just discouraged me to read the books. I think the story is awful and I hate Christian Grey.) It would be interesting to see him as Tarzan. I’d also like to see him in a comedy film. But that’s just my pov.

    • I would totally love to see him in a comedy. He even said so after filming Hidden that he needs to find a comedy

      • That would be great after he does something to get him into the public eye. As it is now, no matter how good his indie/art films are, they are not being seen. And he was speaking of a comedy at the time because of the depressing nature of the film he had just completed.

    • I agree, he would be great in a comedy. People sometimes don’t realize how truly funny he is.

  6. Once an actor goes a certain way, that’s it, that’s the type of role he plays. I would much rather see Alex take a shot playing a good guy action adventure than that physically abusive 50 Shadesof Grey. He certainly has the intensity, and Eric has a dom sexuality about him, but I’d rather see him go a positive route. Problem is, if he takes off as a movie star, he won’t want to do TB, and the show couldn’t recast the role, it would be done.

  7. I think that would be a good choice for Alex,because he luv classic stuff like that.

  8. I think Alex would make an amazingly sexy Christian Grey but I can’t see that happening. As for Tarzan, I’m just not a fan, and he seems a strange choice for the role, but we’ll wait and see. It could be awful or it could be great. I’ll take the viking vampire over both of these any day though :)

    • I believe he has a chance at the role. He would make a fabulous Christian Grey. As for Tarzan, the story is a good one, if done correctly. As for Alex making a mistake if he becomes Christian Grey, he wants the role, I for one want him to have it. God knows he is much better than the others wanting it. For one, he can actually act.

  9. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!! tarzan rocks!!!!!!

  10. Is this where I make a bad joke about wanting to swing on his vine? No? Ok…

    Lol, I think he’d make an excellent Tarzan, and would love to see him in that role, but I REALLY love him as Eric. If the show (True Blood) tanks itself with its usual bloated cast of characters/crap bad plots/unnecessary plot angles this next season, wouldn’t it be wonderful if they re-did it into The Viking Vampire Series or some such? THAT, I’d watch.

    Alex seems to have too much innate grace and class to soil his name by playing the slimy, disgusting, abusive Christian Grey fiasco.

  11. No Thank you! Can’t see Alexander as Tarzan.
    The last person who played him Ron Ely is a has been actor.
    and hasn’t done anything in years.

  12. No just no to Christian Grey. Alex or your manager if you read these things, SAY NO TO CG please. I know Alex likes a challenge but this is a bad role in my opinion. I don’t know where people are getting that he is interested in the role because he has said numerous times that he has not read the book or seen a script. The only way I see him in this role is if he liked the script and if it appealed to him.

    As far as Tarzan is concerned, I am on the fence. If the script is done well and Tarzan is not written as a neandrothal idiiot who walks around pumping his chest and saying ‘Me Tarzan, you Jane’. I always thought it made Tarzan look like and idiot. I am not interested in seeing a dumbed down Alex in this role. Meekus on the other hand was hilarious but Meekus and Tarzan are two different characters altogether.

  13. I’m with you nymerias, I thought it was kinda funny that they would pick Alex as Tarzan, until I read the Variety article and the storyline for Tarzan. It wouldn’t be Alex swinging from the vines, since it was after he was brought back to England and he learned the ways of his culture etc. He was sent on a mission by Queen Victoria to go back to Africa and stop the Diamond mine poachers, I think of the picture more of an Action Adventure where Alexs’ character, Tarzan would be more like an Indiana Jones type. I think Alex would make a wonderful Action Hero! If he had to revert to his jungle ways for a few scenes (running around in a loin cloth, for example) who am I to complain…….LoL

    If the script is good, it definately would be a different kind of character for Alex to play and hes’ said that he doesn’t want to play just one type of role, so I hope that the Tarzan movie gets the go ahead and that it helps get Alex into the A-listers catagory and gets him each and every part he wants to do!!!!

    As far as the role of Christian Grey, it doesn’t have to type cast him. It didn’t for Michael Fassbender in his role in Shame and it seems that Michael is staying very, very busy in the movies…..I feel that if Alex reads a script for it and deems it a part he’d do, thats’ his decision to make and our guy is a pretty smart one, and so far he hasn’t made an error in roles he’s picked, so I leave that decision in his very capable hands.

  14. I think that would be a dangerous career move for him. I can’t think of one actor who played Tarzan that either did not get stereotyped or was never heard from again. Of course with his many many fans I doubt that AS would be forgotten, but it is a hard sell. Right now it is all too iffy. I also heard a rumor that Samuel Jackson would be in the movie, now I like Sam L, but he does not exactly have a great record at this time for picking scripts. (Need I remind you all of “Snakes on a Plane”?) I would rather see him as Christian Grey than Tarzan.

    • This isn’t Tarzan lord of the jungle, this is John Clayton III lord of Greystoke. A civilized man with just a bit of wild underneath, he understands the world of man but still feels the heart of the wild. The role would be challenging both physically and to his acting skills. Christopher Lambert played this role and then went on to play the Highlander and Lord Raiden and so many other great roles, you’d hardly say he was never heard from again.

      I could defend Samuel L. but he doesn’t need it he just takes any role that tickles his fancy. That’s why he’s Nick Fury.

      Christian Grey would be a more dangerous career move than Tarzan. Unless they shoot a straight up porn you’re left with a role that is one dimensional and has zero skills needed, a cardboard standee with cut abs could be Christian Grey as long as it sits over a computer exchanging emails with the female lead. Completely Forgettable.

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