Attention Shoppers: GQ Style Australia with Alexander Skarsgård is available on…

The Alexander Skarsgård cover (and article) for GQ Style Australia has been very elusive for those of us “not down under” to get our hands on. Those of us who wanted to keep our magazine collections complete, were searching high and low to find somewhere that would ship internationally. My good friend eBay seemed to have very few auction sightings for this cover as well.

Until now

Our friends over at ASkarsgard.com and Skarsgardfans.com have found the promised land… err.. link to a UK based web store with the Alexander Skarsgard GQStyle Australia that will ship INTERNATIONALLY.

The only draw back I see is that it is pretty pricey. But to the avid collector, it is very worth it.

Go to this link to purchase the magazine though the Magazine Shack.

Happy shopping :)

Psssst… In other Australia news, remember to keep your eyes peeled for the December/January issue of GQ Australia. Rumor has it (via ASkarsgard.com) that is should be Skarsriffic.

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6 comments on “Attention Shoppers: GQ Style Australia with Alexander Skarsgård is available on…

  1. Not to dear for me as I live in Australia…..

  2. OMigosh! Tha’ts almost $50! I soooo love those pictures though…

    • Yes, these are definitely pricey. I guess if someone wants them badly enough, they’ll be willing to pay that kind of price. Unfortunately, I can’t afford them even though I want them BADLY! LOL That pic is definitely TO DIE FOR. <3

  3. […] of money, you can order the GQ Style Australia issue with Alexander Skarsgård on the cover! Click here to find out where, when and the all important…how […]

  4. Is GQ Australia available in Canada?

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