People’s Choice Awards: Voting Is Open

As most of you know, the People’s Choice Awards will be airing on January 9, 2013!

The good news is…voting is now open and True Blood was nominated for Favorite Premium Cable TV Show! The bad news is…well, that’s the only nomination they received. Where is Alex? Anna? And the rest of the True Blood cast…? Nevermind…rant is over.

There were a number of categories where I had a hard time deciding which ones to pick – just do what I did; close your eyes, point your finger and click! I think I picked the ones I wanted to win…

Anyways, feel free to cast your votes below!

Vote for the People’s Choice Awards here!

What do you think? Did True Blood get robbed this year? Or do you agree with the nominations? Share your thoughts below!

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8 comments on “People’s Choice Awards: Voting Is Open

  1. I don’t believe that is the only nomination they got . They did have good season but i admit not the best one . They should have had more nominations i think . They were robbed of that again this year . I hope one is enough and that they win .

  2. No way could I vote for TB above Homeland, or Dexter. As much as I love the Viking, the show has too many faults. Homeland is seamless, and so is Dexter. I don’t watch the other two shows, but I know GoT is highly regarded.

  3. I wouldn’t say they got robbed, the show is pretty poor these days. I’m surprised they were nominated at all. The only reason I voted for TB is because I don’t watch any of the other choices.

  4. If we are going to be totally honest True Blood truly sucked this year. The only episode that was even remotely good enough to watch twice was the last one. Then they had to ruin it by bringing Bill back after we all thought he had met the true death. Sure there was some great lines in some of the episodes, but nothing to write home about. Maybe this will be a wake up call to the writers to get their shit together and write some thing that we really want to see. But with the lame casting calls and actors that we know they have hired for next season, it doesn’t look promising.

    • Can I be totally honest too? LOL I picked Spartacus instead of True Blood, but I was torn between GoT and Spartacus but figured Spartacus needed a better chance to win. *hides*

      This past season wasn’t that great until the last episode, IMO. And both GoT and Spartacus rocked every single episode. And the really funny thing is that both GoT and Spartacus only have 10 episodes each season…so maybe it’s a good thing TB is doing it next year? We’ll have to wait and see…

  5. I did vote for True Blood, but honestly, I agree with most of the others above. To tell the truth, I think the “powers that be” who do the nominating probably are thinking that TB is getting a little “long in the tooth” (excuse the pun, not intended). I’m a bit troubled by the fact that this is coming up to season 6 and the show hasn’t shown any improvement in the storylines and I fear that since the principle cast all signed 7 year contracts with the show, that they are going to just let the storylines go on (as crappy as they are) and finish the show after season 7.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the campiness of the show and of course, I love our Viking and he is probably the only reason left that I watch the show. I wish I didn’t sound like Debbie Downer but, in truth, thats’ the way I see it…….

    • Seven year contracts not withstanding, It the plots don’t improve, I don’t see it going to seven seasons. We all know the first episode will probably have killer ratings because everyone will want to see where they are going to take the season. If it’s as lame as last season, done. You would think the cast would start to question the shitty made up story lines. We know most if not all have read the books. This is their bread and butter we’re talking about. And let’s face it none of the movies any for the cast has made in the off season’s have done any thing but fail. Even our Viking has failed at the box office. But I guess we shall see. IMO if the first episode goes back to the books it could be one hell of a season. Just saying.

      • I don’t see how it could possibly go back to the books, the show has already gone too far away from them that there is no coming back in my opinion.

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