Bill Compton Makes Xfinity’s 15 Worst-Cast Vampires List

Comcast’s Xfinity shared their picks for the Top 15 Worst-Cast Vampires and it should come as no surprise that True Blood’s Bill Compton, played by Stephen Moyer made their list!

This is what they said below;

8. Stephen Moyer in ‘True Blood’

If you are a fan of the “Sookie Stackhouse” novels by Charlaine Harris, you know that vampire Bill Compton isn’t the most interesting vamp in the series. But Moyer somehow manages to makes TV Bill more petulant than captivating. It really shows when Eric Northman shows up. – XFINITY Entertainment Editors (Photo: HBO)

Love what they said about Eric! Whenever Eric appears onscreen, all other vampires just seem to disappear into thin air. I didn’t even notice Bill until he turned into goo last season.

There are a few on this list that I disagree with (Gary Oldman for one) and I liked Leslie Nielsen’s satirical take on Dracula, but overall I agree with this list.

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Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts below!

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9 comments on “Bill Compton Makes Xfinity’s 15 Worst-Cast Vampires List

  1. Excuse typing errors…..pain meds….yea!! I am about to check out list, nut.just.wanted to.say.I like.TV Compton much better han book Comptonn. Book.Compton is.still.shady, but he’s not a major player
    TV Bill is shady, conniving, a little non the good side with one leg wah over into.the .”bad Vampire” Side . I.hope the find a way to bring him back s the Shady King of

    I liked the somewhat parental bond with Jessica anthat he still would prot sookie, even if it meant not giving amnesiac Eric the true death, knowing it would hurt
    I see two ways out of “Billith” : 1) it was all halllucuntion while placed in a coma like state so the Authority could assertian who’s loyal and who is not. Kind of.like the old “Dallas” trick of it was just a dream. Or 2) Salome silvered the blood in a plot to rule all vampires her way, but the blood was do old and powerful, it healed Bill from the true death and now it’s up yo Billto keep its healong properties a secret. If I were the writer, I’d ho that route

    Bill could still be king, head of security at vampire authority all under the illusion power will whin sookie back. Meanwhile, Eric marries Sookie to keep her safe. Bills not the worst…he has possibilities.

  2. I have read, the first 8 books, but could not watch, True Blood, on HBO, as I did not have it, until 2 or 3, months ago. I will watch, when season 6, starts, whenever that is. I have the, DVD, season 1, & plan to get 2 3 & 4, as,soon as I can. I just love, vampire, human, love stories. I know, some are more hate, than love.

  3. Bill is definitely one of the worst in my opinion, he belongs on this list. The only one I don’t agree with is Stuart Townsend, I loved his version of Lestat.

  4. Bill should be no. 1 on this list . Not 8 .

  5. I agree with the whole list except Gary Oldman. I loved his Dracula!!
    But diffinitely agree with what they said about William Thomas Compton III.
    Stephen Moyer is not my favourite Vampire.

  6. Debbie:
    I so agree with your assement of Bill Compton/Stephen Moyer.
    I love Stephen Moyer,the actor but I can’t stand William Thomas Compton III.
    Bill’s a schemer,liar,con artist~and he uses his Southern manners as a way to
    seduce his victumes, and his looks don’t hurt either.
    But he’s no Eric Northman.
    Bill’s lied since Episode 1 and he’s could still be King of Louisana had he not become
    greedy and he had not been seduced by Lilith/Salome.
    Bill will never have Sookie again~he’s lost her to Eric Northman Forever.

  7. […] newsletter. But we hope you’ll soon forgive us when you find out the reason why! Check out Xfinity’s 15 Worst-Cast Vampires! (Told ya it was good! […]

  8. Stephen Moyer is a great actor, I like him, but I cannot stand Bill Compton!! As for the list, I disagree with most of the choices: I prefer Tom Cruise’s Lestat over Stuart Townsend. Who said Drac in Hotel Transylvania was meant to be scary? I thought Adam Sandler did it well. Gary Oldman was the best Dracula!! Jackson Rathbone was, I thought, brilliant at playing Jasper, but his hair was quite annoying, they could have done that a bit better.

  9. Once again, there seems to be some confusion between an actor and a fictional character. Bill Compton is supposed to suck, and Stephen Moyer brings him to unlife perfectly. Stephen Moyer was exceptionally well-cast as the vampire Bill Compton on True Blood. He’s an incredibly talented actor and was born to play this part.

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