Just My Fangpinion:Vamp It Up True Blood!

It started out with intense sweats and then progressed to cold chills and then it alternated back and forth between the two. I could not keep anything down, not even water. I knew something had to be done and quick. It sounds a lot like the pneumonia I had all last week (to which I am still having lingering effects) but folks this was also the aching, painful need I had to write another one of my famous ‘FANGPINIONS’. These ‘FANGPINIONS’ are not exclusive to me as my fellow bloggers here post their own from time to time, I just coined the term and I tend to be a bit more cross when I give mine. With that being said; ARE YOU READY FOR MY FANGPINION? You better cover your necks as this one might have a little more bite than usual to it. Mark Hudis, I hope you are out there PAYING ATTENTION to this because yeah I am talking to you!

It is my hope and wish that you Mark DO NOT follow in Alan Ball’s footsteps and that you will instead go your own way and make True Blood great again. I am tired of the many plots that have nothing to do with the main storyline, I am tired of the many, many NOT NEEDED characters that come onto the show and it turns out to be MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Would you like some examples? Sure, no problem. Patrick, YAWN! Holly’s children, waste of time and money. The fairy elder who really told us jack shit in the grand scheme of things, all she did was dance around like an idiot, NEXT! Aside from having too many characters, some of the storylines could be toned down a bit as well. Maurella’s multiple births were not needed to let us know that fairy’s breed really well with humans. It was overkill and by the time it was done, no one cared and it became boring. SMOKE MONSTER? Really? I wish I could have fast-forward through that crap. I was definitely not impressed.

I am not sure you are getting the message that most fans and critics have been going on about because once again we seem to be getting more cast members instead of less. Have you ever heard that less is more? This latest casting call does not help me keep up my ‘let’s give Hudis a chance’ resolve as it just means one more cast member that is just a plot device. Sookie needs another suitor (if indeed that is what this Ben person turns out to be) like she needs to be drained and nearly killed again. Sookie does not need yet another fairy to help her figure out who killed her parent’s, I thought that is what Claude and his sisters were for. Come on Mark, spare us from all the extra-curricular characters that take time away from the main story. I do not want side stories unless they mix in with the main story line that belongs to Sookie. I understand it is an ensemble show but so is The Vampire Diaries and they manage to mesh the side storylines in with the main one. It really is not that hard to do.

I hope you have the guts to completely go there with Bill, as in making him the big bad. If season 6 starts out and Bill is somehow redeemed with everything he said and did in the season finale, I will have to call BULLSHIT and call you out on it. If Bill is saved from this Lilith crap and all is forgiven by Sookie because he was not ‘himself’ and it was not his fault, I will have to dump this show once and for all because no woman is that stupid. The shit that spilled out of Sookie’s mouth about how Bill was unique among all the vampires she met was the dumbest crap I have ever heard in my life. Really? This is the vampire that drained her, nearly killing her and lied to her all the way across the board. Do you all not remember what you did in previous episodes?

Unique, my lily white ass. In the finale when Bill said and I quote “What the fuck do you know about me? For all you know, everything I did, while with you was an act, calculated to illicit a particular response?” I was thinking wow they remember and that was the first time I EVER heard Bill Compton tell the truth. Please do not make it as meaningless as the Rattray Reveal because it would be a much bigger mistake than that one. I know I do not trust the writers to give me something good after Sookie forgave his sorry ass. So do you have the guts?

The best thing(s) you could do for True Blood is to (1) Make Sookie extremely bad ass and not play the fool where Bill is concerned (because let’s face it, she has been beyond stupid where it comes to him and yet smart and clever when it comes to Eric, makes no sense) (2) Quit with the side stories, they are simply boring and only serve as filler because they sure as hell do not go along with the main storyline (3) stop adding more characters that give nothing to the storyline, the cast is big enough as it is and you are only taking away screen time for the big story (4) do not go the cliché route and make Bill the good guy again when he clearly has never been the good guy (5) Eric and Bill work better when they are at each other’s throats, the dynamic is so much better and much more interesting (6) a stronger relationship between Eric and Sookie where she sees the good in him (7) do not be afraid to go there with Bill as having met the True Death and he is now ‘Warlow’ (this is my theory) because most of your audience is not interested in a redeemed Bill (trust me you ticked a lot of people off when he was redeemed after the Rat reveal). If he turns out he is just possessed and he is still in there somewhere, it will be such a copout and you will alienate your audience even more and we will be glad to see this show end and (8) Focus more on Sookie, that is what the premise of the show is all about right? A telepathic waitress caught up in the supernatural world. If you go back and watch, half the shit that goes on in the supe world, Sookie is not a part of. Come on, you can do better this I know it!

Well that was my fangpinion and shew glad I got that out. Sound off below!

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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

23 comments on “Just My Fangpinion:Vamp It Up True Blood!

  1. I completely agree, someone needs to show the writers this. I decided to stick with the show after the season 5 finale, so they better do things right from here on out.

    • My hope is that Mark Hudis will see it and take heed. They have not started filming yet so there is time. It is never too late to make changes to whatever they already wrote. Alan Ball did not seem to care what people though but maybe just maybe Mark does! I can dream lol

    • I agree with everything you’ve said the writers make Sookie appear weak, Adele was a strong Stackhouse woman. I would love to see kick ass Sookie instead of the girl that can’t escape the abuse cycle of BILL! The story keeps adding love interests can we see a season where Sookie and Eric work their stuff out? I would rather have seen amnesia Eric than Bill pouring blood down Sookie’s throat and screwing the story line up. Can we focus on Warlow and Billith before adding something else in the mix! Please revive this series Alan Ball has ran it to the ground and is now jumping ship, ughhhhhh. If Sookie and Bill gets back together, Sookie sleeps with Tara’s sloppy seconds (Sam) or the writer throws her in the bed with someone and she still hasn’t worked her issues out with Eric True Blood will be banned from my house. Sookie fights Eric tooth and nail but falls into bed with anyone that pays her attention what message is that truly sending!

  2. Wow, you just wrote everything I ever thought and it’s so true! All those other stories suck, sorry but it’s fact. I miss the Eric/Sookie energie and Tara/Lafayette…come on, do me a favor and get back to the roots of good old mind reading and blood sucking! :)

  3. WOWEE, WOW!!!!! (getting on my soapbox to reach up and light the fireworks celebration in your honor, nymerias). I want you to know that I feel the exact same way as you do!!! Besides that, I feel that this downsizing the eppys to 10 from 12 for economic reasons is BS too!!! If they didn’t hire every Tom, Dick and Harry that requires big paydays and stuck to the cast that they already have, the wouldn’t be in a financial crunch. As far as giving Anna more time with the babies, is a hogwash excuse too, as a lot of celebs have babies (some with twins, too) that go back to their full time acting/singing gigs after a few months. (shes’ got a Nanny lined up to help, so its’ not like her and Steve have to do it all themselves).

    I really do think if this season isn’t straightened up, they sadly won’t be around for a season 7. All I really want before this show ends is to get Eric and Sookie back together again permanently like they are destined to be.

    I really hope and wish that Mark Hudis and the rest of the people involved with TB, would actually read what the fans and critics write and get their shit together already!!!!

    • Oh, my own fireworks celebration, AWESOME! Guess I need to continue to be involved in school more but I do not want PNEUMONIA anymore. I really did have pneumonia that had me down for a week, oh the school I missed and had to make up!

      All of this has been on my mind but between school and being sick, I have not had time to post anything. Then the casting calls started coming out and my arsenal of thoughts just kept adding up and I felt I was going to explode! Hence my fangpinion! Glad you liked it!

      Yeah the 10 episodes sucks as well because that means less time spent on the good stuff (what little there is) so they really need to focus more on good storylines and less on adding more cast to make it even more of a hot mess! Thanks GOD for CH!

  4. Should we really call “bullshit?” Maybe we should just start calling “BILLSHIT.”

    • that is actually my (and others) favorite saying but I wanted to be taken seriously by TPTB so I went the other route, even though I did said a few choice curse words! :P

  5. I agree with every word you wrote! True Blood is based on the Sookie novels,
    So de main storyline should be about her (and Eric).
    And not so much sidestories anymore, because those sidestories are not in the books!
    And it’s indeed funnier if Eric and Bill can’t stand each other!
    They should really listen to you, because i think there are a lot more True Blood fans, like me, who would totally agree with you!

  6. I agreed with most of your “fangpinions” I also want Sookie & Eric back together but living happily ever after is BORING I feel they need to use more book story lines on the show oh and another note give the fan favorites more airtime you get the fan mail & read the blogs don’t you?

    • I would love to see some more storylines straight from the book, especially the Summit but it has to be DONE RIGHT. Sadly I do not think RHODES can be properly done RIGHT now.

  7. Spot on – you tell ’em girl! Hoping that Hudis reads this blog!

  8. All I want is Eric & Sookie together!!! And please no more “filler storylines”
    And get rid of Steve Newlin,get Emma back with Luna/Sam.
    Jason needs a lady friend.
    Please put a fast end to “M.Warlow & Bilith”!!!!!

    • i think were killing from All together Dead where Crystal died. I would luv to see that storyline to play for Jason. Probably Crystal will shown up, Jessica & her’ll end up get into a cat fight. Crystal probably ends up dead next day in the wood as naked & Jason thinks it’s Jessica,but it turns out be Warlow. I think that would be an awesome & interest plot for Jason & Jessica.

  9. You are so right on that it’s scary. I will help redthang914 light those fireworks for you! Alan Ballsack totally screwed the show up and then ditched. Left it to someone else to take over. Let’s hope (I hate using that word for this show) that Hudis see the light and realizes he will be out of a job if he doesn’t turn things around. No more stupid useless story lines please. Go to the books, there is so much to choose from in them. It would make a whole hell of a lot of fans happy.

  10. I compeletly agreed w/ you guys,Sookie need to be Bada** & I would luv to see her use sword & some her magic. I hope the Billith will last about 1 ep like the Cas as the God in Season 8.

    Don’t believe in that sh*t about Ben’s Sookie’s interest. It’s load of cr*p. Some idiot named Micheal Ausiello posted that rumor on tvline to pi** people off like you said he did that w/ Alcide last season. I didn;t buy Ben’s luv interest to Sookie,because 1.) She have a lot of sh*t in her life to deal w/, 2.) she got Eric to protect, 3.) Warlow’s after her.

    I have a funny feelling that Ben’s actually Sookie’s great-great-great-great grandpa Niall. He does looks like he’s related to the Stackhouse. I remembered there’s a scene where Eric tried to take a bite of him in “Dead All Together” when tvline mentioned he’s very attracts to men & ladies when Sookie appoachs. But I think Sookie’ll be alone when this Ben gets introduce, I think Eric’ll be there beside her in Merriott & tried to eat him. I would luv to see that scene. “Eric,Get The Hold Of Yourself!!!”. Sookie snapped him out of it. *giggle* “I feels like I want to bite you & f**k you at the time.” I think they’re trying to go for faery wars this season,& I also think Ben/Niall’s the 1 send Claude to fetched Sookie out of faerieland in season 4. Probably he had affair w/ Jonas William’s wife (or he’s jonas).

    Tvline isn’t the true source,don’t believe gossip sites because they makes up stupid stuff like Tara’s going to be a ghost or Claude’s Jessica’s luv interest in season 5. People should go to facebook or twitter to ask HBO,main source.

    Let us hope there’ll be Sookie & Eric’s relationship for next season. ;)

    • I think Mark have something’s up his sleeve w/ this ben character,i bet he’s going to introduce Niall as “Ben” (he’s a fan favorite). this Micheal A.(tvline) don’t known any what’s going on in season. I just saying. Sorry. =D

  11. Standing ovation!!!! You have spoken for all of us!!
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart!!

  12. Standing ovation from me too!!! I got so tired of Patrick and that stupid smoke monster… and I cannot stand Billith! Very very good blog… loved it!

  13. After that not much can be said but Bravo~~~

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