Alexander Skarsgård in Entertainment Weekly (11/30)

The November 30th edition of Entertainment Weekly has been getting much attention for its Sons of Anarchy cover/story. But it’s the inside pages that made me squeal like the fan girl I am with mentions of Alexander Skarsgård (and pictures).

If you can’t get your hands on the magazine just yet and are “dying” to see… Don’t worry, I’ve got the EW digital edition screen shots for you below :)

While we are still waiting for official word yay or nay, the Alex as Tarzan rumors continue to gather steam in the “Hollywood Notes” section.


And EW makes their thoughts load and clear on How they feel about Alex being up for the Role of Tarzan with a mention in their “Bullseye” segment. It’s very telling that they have him very very close to the bullseye mark.


And the caption “He Tarzan? We excited!” says it all.

I admit, I’m excited too :)

Sound off below!

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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

11 comments on “Alexander Skarsgård in Entertainment Weekly (11/30)

  1. That would be too sweet!

  2. Wow ! Nice article . i hope Alex considers it !! He would be a great Tarzan .

  3. Reblogged this on Eric Eric Eric and commented:
    I don’t normally repost a lot of the non-TB news, but I am excited by the idea of Alex as Tarzan — if it’s done well. Rumor has it that this is being though of as a trilogy.

  4. I’ve said yes to this project with the same idea, it can’t be the campy version of the T-man. I loved with what Ron Ely stated about him wanting to see it as a darker, feral role, which I definately can see Alex doing. After all, he has previously said that he patterned Eric after a Lion, so he knows how to play it already!!!! I hope they are going to play it as an action adventure ala Indiana Jones as I could really envision Alex in that kind of role.

    Since Alex lost out to Chris Hemsworth in the Thor movies, I think that this might be a good franchise for him. The big question is will Alex accept the role??????? I see all of Alexs’ films regardless of the role he plays and I will definately see him in this if he decides the part is for him!!!!!!

  5. Yes, I was very happy to get my EW early this week…Happy Thanksgiving indeed! :) I also was intrigued with Ron Ely’s comments and think it Alex would bring something new to the role. Eagerly awaiting news…

  6. I still say unless they are doing a totally different version of Tarzan; I worry for my AS. I mean what was the name of the actor who played Tarzan opposite Bo Derek, and who remembers the french actor Christopher Lambert when he played Tarzan. I want AS to go mainstream big time, so that he can be on the big screen for years and years!! I want all those folks out there who don’t know him to fall just as hard in love with him as I am!!

    • I agree with you Lolita and I do really think if this version of Tarzan is written correctly (as I stated before, like an Indiana Jones type of Action Adventure) I think it could do wonders for Alexs’ career, just like Indiana Jones did for Harrison Ford.

      I believe in Alex making the right choices for his career path and I don’t think he’d play a bad version of John Greystoke III (Tarzan). Hes’ already said that hes’ turned down a lot of roles that weren’t right for him. So I will leave it in his very capable hands to make the right decision. As long as it isn’t a stickeroo like John Carter turned out for Taylor K. I think that this franchase could lead into something big for him. He needs a great tentpole movie under his belt.

    • I remember Christopher Lambert more for “The Highlander” movies than his Tarzan role. Lol

      And one big fat WORD on your feelings for AS. I feel the same way too.

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  8. I already bought this because CHARLIE HUNNAM is on the cover and there’s a whole SOA story.

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