True Blood’s Top 5 Emotional Moments

Yahoo UK has done a nice little piece on what they feel are the 5 most emotional moments on True Blood.

In amongst all the excessive gore and gratuitous nudity, ‘True Blood’ is occasionally capable of pulling at the heartstrings. None more so than in last night’s episode where a devastated Hoyt, unable to cope with their betrayal, asked Jessica to erase all his memories of their relationship and his friendship with Jason before he left for Alaska. The latter’s subsequent breakdown after realising that his best friend no longer recognised him was genuinely moving, proving that the series doesn’t always have to rely on the shock factor to be compelling. Here’s a look at some other moments which may have caused a few unexpected tears.

Godric meets the Sun

Previously it seemed as though the only person Eric truly loved was Eric himself. But the ninth episode of Season 2 showed that there was at least some semblance of emotion buried beneath the murderous and narcissistic exterior. Bursting into tears as he begged his maker Godric not to make the ultimate sacrifice and expose himself to the sun, Eric gained the viewers’ sympathy for perhaps the first time, while Sookie’s similar breakdown as she watched Godric burst into flames was far more heart-breaking than any of her tedious on/off scenes with boring Bill.

Jason wakes up next to Amy’s dead body

Not exactly Jason’s most stable girlfriend, Amy was responsible for fuelling his addiction to V and involving him in the kidnap and murder of a poor defenceless vampire. But despite her deranged actions, she and Jason did appear to make each other happy, which made his grief all the more palpable when after watching her float off into the sky during a trippy hallucination, he woke up to discover she had been strangled by a then-mysterious force.

This is Gran’s pie

Before violent deaths in the Bon Temps community became ten a penny, there was a real sense of shock when Sookie’s grandmother, Adele, became the latest victim of Season 1’s serial killer. But it was the beautifully understated scene immediately after her funeral that truly brought home the sense of loss as Sookie poured out her emotion whilst tucking into the last pecan pie her beloved Gran ever made.

Eric releases Pam

Initially two of ‘True Bloods’ hardest to warm to characters, Eric and Pam’s relationship has since become one of the show’s most authentic and engrossing. Pam may be a brilliant super-bitch to everyone else she comes into contact but she’s utterly devoted to her maker, which makes his softly-spoken remark about wanting to release her in order to preserve his legacy such a surprisingly tender moment.

Tara disowns mother

Single-handedly explaining why Tara was the feistiest girl in Bon Temps even before she was turned into a vampire, this early Season 1 scene is arguably one of ‘True Bloods’ most gritty and depressingly realistic. Returning home to be greeted with calls of ‘devil child’ from her alcoholic mother, Tara is then whacked across with a bottle of whiskey for her efforts to help her sober up before she delivers an intense and powerful speech about how enough is enough.

We think they made 5 great choices, and it just makes us want to go and watch those scenes all over again (plus the scene where Jason pulls over Hoyt’s truck and tells his “Bubba” not to go – that one gets me every time).

Let us know if you agree with their choices or did they miss any real tearjerkers out?

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10 comments on “True Blood’s Top 5 Emotional Moments

  1. Hoyt and Jessica’s final goodbye was another emotional moment.

  2. After reading this article, I feel they hit on all the tear jerker moments to date in TB, at least in MHO. I hope all that observed the Thanksgiving Holiday, had a Great day!! I know I did.

  3. I thought Tommy’s death was pretty emotional. I never liked Tommy but Sam’s pain was heartbreaking.

    • I agree…that scene should be on this list!

      The rest of the most emotional scenes for me made this list and I’m glad our 2012 Bloody Awards winner; Eric releasing Pam was on there too!

    • Vicki – yes – how could I forget Tommy’s death. I actually did like him, I thought the actor was brilliant. Tommy had a terrible short life and that was a real tearjerker.

  4. I agree. I think they have hit the biggest emotional moments.

    Vicki is right that Tommy’s death on Sam’s pool.table was probably more emotional that Tara disowning her mother. Tara didn’t like her mother anyway. Really.

    Tommy’s death would get my vote for the top 5 moments. Eric and Godric were definitely at the top of my list. That scene still makes me teary.

  5. Although he was a truly despicable character, I thought the scene where Russell realizes that Talbot is dead was truly emotional. Talbot had been with Russell for 700 years (give or take a hundred years) and though Russell deserves everything he got, it was sad to see Talbot go.

  6. I’ll say Tommy death’s over Tara’s mother any day.

  7. Tommy’s death really didn’t affect me, I was just glad that he was gone. As heartless as that may be, I only cared at all for Sam’s sake.

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