Social Battle: True Blood vs The Vampire Diaries

Seevibes, a Canadian website which measures the social TV audience, gave some insight into the experience of viewers through Facebook and Twitter. We thought this might be interesting to some, and most especially to those who take part in fan interaction(s) with True Blood on Facebook and Twitter.

Which show (True Blood or The Vampire Diaries) is more popular with their audience – either by engaging with their fans and/or the fans talking about the show and their characters in a social setting?

The infographic shows The Vampire Diaries on social media (especially on Facebook), beats True Blood by a landslide with over 61%, while True Blood does better on Twitter with 89%, but when stacked up against each other True Blood falls far behind The Vampire Diaries overall in social media.

Based from those results, they took posts and tweets where fans call one of these vampires “sexy” or “hot” and shared those results in the infograhic below. (Eric has 32%, while Bill has only 7%! Hehe)

These results were taken during the first 5 episodes of their most recent seasons.

Check out the infographic below.

Image source: seevibes.com

What all of this boils down to is this…True Blood and Truebies are running far behind The Vampire Diaries and their fans in many social aspects.  Most Truebies think Eric is “sexy” and “hot”, but he’s not talked about as often as Damon is. WTF? How could we lose to Damon on this one?

I say we start talking about Eric and True Blood even more than we already do…and the powers that be over at True Blood need to pay attention too. They should interact more with us Truebies and it would be even better if the actors on the show did the same (especially on Facebook). I know many fans get excited when one of the stars replies back to them and tell other fans all about it!

Sooooo…what do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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14 comments on “Social Battle: True Blood vs The Vampire Diaries

  1. Well of course VD would win since VD Is geared toward the younger (think edgier Twilight) audience while TB is for the more mature audience. Then TB is on HBO, a channel that costs extra, while VD is on the WB which again caters to the youth who practically live on these sites. These stupid polls truly are comparing apples to oranges.

    • Very good points, especially the fact that TB is on HBO and not as many get that channel. But I know there’s a lot of teenage fans who like True Blood too.
      And there are a lot of fans of all ages who visit these social sites all the time.

  2. This is nothing new, we always lose to Damon. I’m just glad Eric is way higher than Bill, not that any of us would be shocked by that.

  3. I think this’s unfair. Eric’s way hotter,way powerful than Damon. Eric’s 1000 yrs. Old. Why he got beat by 250 yrs. Old vamp? I think this site made mistake,I think there’s more tb site when I checked.

  4. I don’t think you can compare the 2 shows – they both have vampires in them but that is as far as it goes (although vampires who can wear magic rings and wander around in the sunlight so they can go to high school and hit on teenage girls are not true vampires for me). Different audiences (and let’s face it no one ever beats a teenage audience when it comes to social networking) – TB is much better written and much better acted. And I don’t even bother with any poll that has Damon up again Eric. How can you compare a character whose face is stuck in one expression all the time with one who can tell an entire story by the look in his eyes. TB is better compared to other HBO shows of similar quality, and as far as I know it is still one of the top rated ones.

  5. Truthfully, I don’t even want to get in the middle of it. It seems every time I stand up for True Blood vs TVD, I get terse remarks from some on here that defend TVD. Therefore, I am staying neutral in this discussion and will only say that their are diehard fans for both shows on this site, but I for one, only care about TB and Alex/Eric on the show and don’t give a rats’ patootie about that Damon kid……

  6. I do think TVD is sometimes written better. At least I did before this recent season, which I’m not loving at all. TB wins for me because of Eric, he’s by far the best in both shows. There’s really no comparison, I’m so sick of people thinking Damon’s the best thing ever. He doesn’t really do much.

    • You can’t really say that Damon doesn’t do much… He IS TVD…. and let’s say that Eric lost his badassness a while ago, in the second he has lost his memory… He is not my bad Eric anymore.. hope he’ll soon find his way home :'(
      p.s. hating he is so nice to Bill… argh

      • Not to me he’s not, Eric is True Blood, Damon is just there in my opinion. He’s hardly a bad ass anymore. Eric, even with everything that went down last season, you can’t deny he still has plenty up his sleeves. Still, I’d rather watch him any day.

        • Off course Eric is TB… there’s no doubt! I just can’t absolutely agree on Damon.. and I am really surprise that someone could think that…
          Whatever :-)

          • Because I’m more of a Stefan girl, that probably has a lot to do with it…lol! Not everyone loves Damon, a lot of us are getting sick of him always winning every poll when vampires like Eric are ten times better. That’s just how I feel about it, but to each their own.

  7. […] In the never-ending True Blood vs The Vampire Diaries battle, one website took a look at fan posts and comments on Facebook and Twitter to find out which show was most popular and which vampire we think is “sexy” or “hot”. Find out the results here! […]

  8. I love both shows and they are so so so different and hard to compare!
    About the characters, well, everyone can like whoever they like… there’s no need to fight! Personally, I have to say, TVD lost a bit of story lately but remains my favorite and between Eric and Damon it is too hard to make a choice.. Think I’ll do as the smart Katerina Petrova chosing them both.. :P
    P.s. whoever doesn’t follow both shows isn’t allow to compare none! :-)

  9. Well, I have a fair explanation for that I believe: TVD is a show that is on televsion right now, therefore people are talking about Damon more often. Nevertheless, the director of TVD, JuliePlec on contrarie of former TB director Allan Ball followed a history that made sense, morover she valorized the sexiest vampire in the show: Ian Somerhalder. We fans from Sookie Stackhouse series just watch our dear Viking being smashed up so, True Blood keeps loosing its fans one of them is me. If Alexander Skarsgard was really valorized definitely he would be on the fist place true to be told. That’s my humble opinion.

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