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Season 6 Casting “Nicole Jannsen”

According to Zap2it another new character has been added to True Blood Season 6, and they seem to have given quite a bit of detail about Nicole Jannsen as she is described as a do-gooder with a bleeding heart, whose idealism might end up being both idiotic and dangerous.

If you don’t like spoilers, don’t read below ……

True Blood fans have to wait until Season 6 begins this summer to return to Bon Temps — though no official start date has been announced, we’re hearing June is a good bet. In the meantime, we’ve got an intriguing spoiler to tide you over! This week, new showrunner Mark Hudis sent out a casting call for a brand new character — and she’s going to be a major player in the upcoming 10-episode season.

The “True Blood” team is looking for a Caucasian actress in her early 20s to play Nicole Jannsen. A “do-gooder to the core” Nicole is naive, optimistic, and charming — but her idealism is “ultimately vaguely idiotic and dangerous.”

Nicole is a key member of a band of well-meaning liberal advocates. The gang models itself after the civil rights activist Freedom Riders of the 1960s, a group of progressive protesters who rode buses from state to state, challenging racial segregation and Jim Crow travel laws. The Freedom Riders were usually arrested, and fell victim to mob violence, Ku Klux Klan beatings, and cruel and unusual punishment in prison.

Don’t expect a secret agenda from Nicole, who will appear as a new series regular character this season. “A true bleeding heart,” Nicole is “not at all concerned with money; she’s concerned with the common good and doing what’s right … Life hasn’t beaten her down yet.” If you’re still not getting a clear picture, the casting call suggests that she went to Bryn Mawr College and drives an old Saab.

Time for your dream casting, “True Blood” fans! What young actress do you think would fit in with the gang? How do you think Nicole will come into play, given the regime change in last season’s finale?

So is this the character  that we feel Bon Temps is crying out for? And where will she fit into new show-runner Mark Hudis’s plans? As long as she doesn’t interfere with or come between the Viking and the Waitress, I just roll with all these casting calls now. As Doris Day once so eloquently put it que sera sera!


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22 comments on “Season 6 Casting “Nicole Jannsen”

  1. Well it seems Mr.Hudis did not read my fangpinion! I could care less about this character, in fact I got bored reading about her. That CC did not even make a lick of sense. Seriously Mr.Hudis you really should read the fan blogs as you are doing the show a major disservice.

    • I agree…it doesn’t seem like he read your eloquent Fangpinion post. :( if this girl has nothing to do with Eric or Sookie, I don’t really care about this character. I may have to “dust off” my post about having too many cast members a bit early this year, Nymerias! LOL

    • I totally agree with you Nymerias. I could care less about this character and the casting call for any made up ballshit that happens on this show anymore. I believe they are committed to doing all they can to stop the show from being what it should be. A show about Sookie and her viking lover. The rest should be support, not major story lines. Ho hum, it’s seems to be a case of the same old, same old shit. Nothing is going to change except the faces of useless characters that mean nothing but stupid filler for a 50 minute hour.

  2. Choose me – I am a voice actress and would love the chance to audition :)

  3. Nymerias, no Mark Hudis is not paying attention to you at all. Something tells me this character will be trying to help the vampires with their image problem and Billith will be using her to facilitatate his agenda and probably having sex with her because he always has sex every season with someone and as long as its not Sookie …..I don’t care whom he does it with but that’s my thoughts on this casting call

  4. Once again Evie I agree with nymerias, I could give a rats’ patootie about this character, more unnecessary cast members who don’t mean shit to the core of the show. Just more money bleeding out on salaries so they can blame the short season on economics once again. I just don’t know if this show is even going to make the contracted seven seasons that the principles signed contracts for…….. But like you said,
    Que sera, sera……..

  5. I got funny feeling they are following the books next season. Remember shifters came out in book 8 before faery wars. I think this character have to do w/ shifters coming out. She sounds like another Sweetie to me.

  6. this sound like a added plus to me , all but the age ,and i was hopeing it would be a girl from indiana , my age 53 maybe starting her own little bussiness there, come on give a indiana ole girl a chance,these old country girls can show ya a thing or two,plus i bet no one loves any and all these guys as much as i do ,they are the #1 bomb love jackie

  7. How old is Amelia Broadway in the books? Sookie is in her 20s and the are about the same age I think. She dated a shifter and was always pretty unprejudicial. I liked her. It just depends on how you all think of as a bleeding heart. And she came out in the books prior to the shifters coming out.

    • I don’t think she’s going to be an “Amelia-type” character…and I don’t recall there being anything in the casting call about dating a shifter but you never know. :)

      You know what I think? You remember in the latter books how Arlene turned into a religious zealot and that’s how come she and Sookie are on the outs? What if this Nicole has something to do with Arlene, but since Arlene is married on the show, they can’t have her become a religious zealot through a boyfriend, so this is where Nicole fits in. Hmmmm….something to ponder. ;)

      • Arlene’s might be involves w/ Some activist group,probably Terry don’t like that.

        Sounds more like Jason’s FoS storyline from season 2. Probably they do it again w/ Jason,maybe his dead parents puts him up this.

    • Yeah,i think she’s going to replace Luna as Sam’s luv interest & I think Luna’s going to die next season. I heard Jamina,the girl who played Luna can’t might be to able to do next season,because she’s still doing busy a sitom on Fox. I got funny feeling Sam will become a Skin-walker after she died & probably tries to gain custosity Emma.

      I’m going to miss Luna. :(

  8. I am starting to wonder now that Mark Huddis was advised by Alan Ball to go the same way with TB as he would . More stuff that we really don’t want to see adding characters instead of focusing on the ones we already have . I don’t feel a Eric & Sookie moment here anymore . I will just enjoy season 4 . Alan ball is still part of this show he is the executive producer on it so i am more than positive he is still around . Too many people again look like will be added to this season 6 . They definitely are not listening to the fan base at all which is truly sad . But i do like Rutger Hauer though that was a smart move .

    • Caronal39,I’m not giving up on hope yet on Eric & Sookie. I have very strong feelings they’re still going for that direction,it does looks like they’re following the books next season. i think Alan gets things ready for them (Eric & Sookie) & they also hinted it in the future, I think this Warlow’s going to play a huge part in the faery war,& (like I said before) I believe Ben’s Niall,great-great-great-grandpa. He’s might be Jonas (the 1 who stole her) or He’s actaully had an affair w/ Jonas’ wife & hired Warlow to kill his wife’s lover. There’s a lot of questions left unanswered. Who tells Claude & his sis who look after Sookie? Why Eric brought Sookie’s house? Why Nora known Warlow? Is there might a connection between Eric’s maker (or Eric) & her anestor? How about Elder faerie? She said love will be tested,I think there’s going to be a test between eric & Sookie,like Charlene did w/ the book series & probably the writers’re trying to put their love to the test……I don’t known,but we’ll see what’s happen. ;)

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  11. My god daughter would be perfect~she’s 5’10 1/2″,long blong honey hair,blue/green
    eyes~ went to Boston University, is a model/journalist and wears between a 0 & 2
    has a theripst for a dad,and two brothers one a lawyer,the other a film maker.
    her name’s Katherine Emmett but she goes by Kacy Emmett.

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