True Blood Season 6 Premiere Will Be Called…

It’s just under 30 days till Christmas, but for us starving for True Blood news the presents might be starting to come early.

Last week we started posting some of the season 6 casting alerts that have started making the rounds. Crumbs I know…

Today, those lovely folks at SpoilerTV have shared with us THE TITLE OF EPISODE 6.1… and some minor casting calls. But its the possible title for the season 6 premier that has me all excited. I say “possible” for one reason only; remember how the penultimate episode for the 5th season changed names a few times before settling on “Sunset”?…. I rest my case.

That being said lets get to the good stuff cause… Ahoy mateys! There be spoiler info ahead!


According to Spoiler TV, the premiere episode for the 6th season of True Blood will be called “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”


So what do you think? Which song do you think will be used in the credits? With a new “captain” at the helm, will they still use the same format of the credit music inspiring the title? Time will see.

On the casting news, it looks like they are looking to fill some of the minor walk on roles. Here is what SpoilerTV posted.


Three co-star roles are being cast for the episode: two Caddo Parish sheriff deputies, for a scene in which they politely pay Sam a visit at his house; and a male Authority guard, who sees something he can’t believe in the AHO Control Room.



They do give us a tiny tiny idea of what we might see this first episode in June…. or when they start filming in January. We are still in a holding pattern to see how these roles (like the Authority Guard) could interact with our Eric and Sookie.

We will keep you posted as soon as we learn more True Blood related news.

In the meantime, share your thoughts below.


Source: SpoilerTV

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19 comments on “True Blood Season 6 Premiere Will Be Called…

  1. Thanks fopr posting this Eric & Sookie lovers . I can’t wait to see them get the new season going . Hope we get alot of the viking & Sookie together this time .

  2. well I hate to be negative but I don’t like it already….my first thought is the song that goes something like… ‘i’m just a soul whose intentions are good, oh lord please don’t let me be misunderstood’ …. well it must be Bill’s poor f soul …I am pissed already, I swear if they make him misunderstood hero again I’ll switch it off for good

  3. Sounds like Season 6 is going to be very interesting??
    Sounds like Eric & Sookie escape from “Bilith”??
    And I wonder what’s going to happen to Andy’s daughters??

  4. Yep, I agree with Maya on this, if MH follows AB’s gameplan using song titles, thats’ an old sixties song by the Animals I believe. Does it apply to Billith, it could, although since we don’t know the plotline of 6.1, it could possibly apply to a number of characters, even Eric or one of the new characters like Ben or Macklyn, so I’m not going to get all bent out of shape trying to figure it out.

    Once again, I’ll just apply my “wait and see” attitute and hope for the best. If you’re interested in the song, look for Erik Burdon and the Animals, I’m sure its’ on youtube.

  5. I think we will see what Billith really is and I think the title is about him but I think it means he is a bad guy not misunderstood in a good way…..I hope Eric and Sookie become closer this season finally and I mean real Eric and her….I also think he will give jer the deed to her house in episode 1 too.

  6. Hi..this post kinda has to do with the new season…I was just wondering if anyone knows if there will be a Premiere after party…that you can get tickets for???That would be the ultimate high…

    • I’m not sure about getting tickets to the premiere after party…usually that is reserved to just the cast and crew and a few Hollywood people. But you could probably get tickets or might be able to see their arrivals on the Red Carpet to the premiere itself. Right now, it’s too soon to know because they haven’t even started filming yet. We’ll look into it and try to find out, okay?

  7. Did you guys hear that Stephen Moyer is directing the episode? I think that’s a good sign. It would be great to have his behind-the-scenes role expand and his in-front-of-camera role vastly reduced. Then they can kill Billith dead for good, and not feel bad about losing Stephen, and our OTP will win forever! Hey, it could happen… Let us will it so.

    • Where did you hear that? And it won’t make a bit of a difference, Stephen has directed before.

      • http://askarsgard.com/?p=33250

        I know he directed one episode last year, but I read an interview somewhere around that time that he was interested in doing more directing, so I don’t really find my speculation that unreasonable, seeing as you and I both agreed after the finale that Bill is dead dead, and therefore unredeemable. They could play out the plotline and have Eric destroy Billith. Then the production crew could be happy knowing that Stephen was still involved with the making of the show if he directed a handful of episodes a year, or something of that nature. Not that I see this show going more than 2 seasons longer, tops.

    • Yeah, I heard he’s directing…but it doesn’t mean his onscreen role will decrease.

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