Latest Poll: Which Viking is the Hotter Vampire?

RenderedImage.aspx In the latest poll from Wetpaint Entertainment, Eric Northman is up against Klaus from The Vampire Diaries in their poll to determine “Which vampire makes the hotter ancient vampire?”

We know who WE think should win…Eric Northman!


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This is what they said over at Wetpaint about this poll;

Let’s run through some quick similarities. Both are towering, blonde gentlemen of foreign descent (Viking stock, to be exact). Klaus was one of the first vampires to ever be created, while Eric is generally one of the older vampires in the True Blood universe. As menacing as they both seem at first, Klaus and Eric turn into big softies when around certain women in their lives; Klaus pines for novice vampire Caroline (Candice Accola), while Eric is in love with telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin)

True, they were both Vikings, are both vampires, and show a gentler, kinder side to their lady loves, but that’s where the similarities end, IMO. I know we’re up against the TVD fandom, but don’t lose hope. Not as many in their fandom love Klaus as much as you-know-who (he shall remain nameless). ;)

Go ahead and vote! We would love to see the TRUE Viking vampire win!

Cast your vote for Eric Northman – THE hottest ancient vampire here!

Remember…listen to Eric!


Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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17 comments on “Latest Poll: Which Viking is the Hotter Vampire?

  1. No one mess w/ the 1,000 yrs old & get away w/ it.

  2. At this moment Eric is slightly ahead. Let’s keep it going freebies!


  3. Klaus is still way too popular, that’s why they won’t get rid of him. I for one can’t stand that character, he’s nothing like Eric at all. This is no contest.

    • Ugh, those Vampire Diaries fans can never just let us have one. It’s bad enough he always loses against Damon.

  4. This should be no competition Eric Is the Hotter vampire .

  5. ok I still can’t believe they made Klaus a viking – don’t they have any ideas of their own? Isn’t he an original vampire? so vampires in that show are only 1000 years old? That’s kind of lame. I’m really sick of TB going up against TVD, you cannot compare the shows, and everyone else is probably really sick of me moaning about it :) I’m going to try my best to ignore these posts from now on lol.

  6. Well as of this morning, Klaus is ahead again. I, too, like Evie are sick of these polls, TB never wins against TVD and it just upsets me to no end, so I am going to ignore these polls too. Eric is was/will and always will be the best Vampire on TV above all others ever in my mind!!

  7. Klaus is ahead by a freaking point. And you can vote more than one time… Just saying…

  8. Keep voting everyone!! Eric is ahead by less than 1 point, but if we keep at it, maybe we can finally get to first for a change!!!!!

  9. Reblogged this on isismama and commented:
    Hmmmm…Eric is so much more…Vikingish.

  10. […] us cast votes in our latest poll! “Which Viking is the hotter vampire?” Klaus from The Vampire Diaries or our Eric Northman! We know who we think should win! Cast your […]

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