Eric & Sookie: 25 Supernatural Characters Who Dazzled in 2012

bestof2012In another Best of 2012 posts (just wait until January…when there will be MORE), we have another poll to tell you about!

VH1 shared their list of 25 Supernatural Characters Who Dazzled in 2012 – among these were Eric, Sookie, and Alcide (zzzz) from True Blood. Best of all, you can decide which of these 25 characters was your favorite in 2012! This list contains supernatural characters from books, movies, and TV shows.

It would be nice to see Eric and/or Sookie win this poll. As you know, whenever they are onscreen together – they certainly dazzle us!

Right now, Edward Cullen from Twilight  is leading (of course).

If you would like to cast your votes, please click on the link below.

Who was your favorite supernatural character of 2012?

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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3 comments on “Eric & Sookie: 25 Supernatural Characters Who Dazzled in 2012

  1. Well, I voted for Eric as always. The competition is tough, so we’ll see who comes out on top at the end.

  2. I voted for Eric!! Stiff competition is right ..

  3. […] and Sookie made VH1′s 25 Supernatural Characters Who Dazzled in 2012 List and you can vote for which one you liked best! Cast your votes on the link to make your […]

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