100 Greatest Child Stars – The Results

As B told you in a previous postVH1 announced the 100 Greatest Child Stars of all-time over a four day period!

The results are IN and we can tell you where Anna Paquin ranks on this not-so-pint-sized list!


Photo credit: Getty Images/VH1.com

18. Anna Paquin

You’re not going to belieb (this is NOT a spelling error) who is #1! Yep, you better belieb this because it’s…Justin Bieber. Say wha…?

If you would like to check out the rest of the list, please click here!

Congratulations Anna on this achievement – #18 is something to proud of, especially on a list of this size!

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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7 comments on “100 Greatest Child Stars – The Results

  1. Happy for Anna, but what the hell? Justin Bieber is not a child star, he’s just a child. This is really getting ridiculous now, I’m so sick of that kid.

  2. There are some notable omissions, IMO. Since the list purports to cover “all time”, I would have displaced a number of those who were included in favour of Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Wood, Brandon deWilde, Roddy McDowall, Ron Howard, and Jodie Foster, for starters.

  3. The list evidently didn’t include anyone over the age of 30 and what did Justin bieber star in??LOL
    Anna certainly deserved to be on it, she was so cute and exceptional in The Piano.

  4. Happy for Anna !! But Bieber i did not understand that one ..

  5. what the hell?! justin bieber is NOT a child star well done to anna though

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