Buddy TV’s 100 Sexiest Men of 2012

For those who love eye-candy…Buddy TV picked their top 100 Sexiest Men of 2012!

The good (and not very surprising) news is that Alexander Skarsgard made this list – as well as Ryan Kwanten and Joe Manganiello from True Blood!  


Coming in at #1 was Stephen Amell from Arrow. Say Wha…? Ian Somerhalder didn’t make the number one spot? I’m shocked!

Alex came in at #15, while Ryan was #22 and Joe was an astonishing #7! WTF? Now, I’m not saying that Joe isn’t nice to look at but…I have to say Alex should’ve been higher than he should’ve been, and higher than Joe at the very least, IMO. Is Buddy TV blind…?


If you would like to check out the very long slideshow and enjoy some eye-candy – click here!  Make sure you have a bib handy! Who said you’ve been naughty this year? This proves you’ve been nice – although your thoughts may now be of the more naughty nature! (Leave them a comment, if you want, to tell them the error in their ways.)

I still don’t get it…how can they not rank Alex higher?



Feel free to voice your thoughts below!

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9 comments on “Buddy TV’s 100 Sexiest Men of 2012

  1. Erika:
    I’m always going to vote that Alexander be ranked higher than everyone else!
    How could you not love the MAN~he was blessed with great genes/looks.
    And Joe Manganiello should be number 2,Ryan Kwantan 3,.
    Stephen Moyer should be where Alexander is, #15.

  2. Happy for the guys made the list . Numbers should be higher on Eric though .

  3. Love Joe, but the reason he came in so high is because of that movie he was bumping and grinding in ;) as for Stephen Amell, meh, flash in the pan I just don’t find him all that good looking, kind of run of the mill, just reminds me of several other studs strutting about. At least Somerholder did not come in number one for a change ;) Alex should and will always be number one for me :)

  4. I so don’t agree! Alex should be #1, (hello, have you ever looked at him? #1 sexy!)
    Ryan #2 (also very cute!) and Joe #3!
    And Stephen Moyer is anything but sexy, so he shouldn’t be on that list at all!
    And who the h*ll is Stephen Amell?
    he should be on this list, (i googled him) he’s the one who should trade places with Alex!
    Seems a very good idea to me! :)

  5. I agree that Alex should be #1, ’cause I know hes’ #1 for me (and all of us), was/is and always will be. The only thing I can think of when looking at most of the other guys who made this list, most of them are younger guys than Alex, Joe and Ryan. Maybe there are more of the younger gals/guys that are not into the maturity of our #1 man. Just a thought……… I don’t care about these polls anymore, I know what I know and thats’ all I really care about!!!!

    • I reckon age has something to do with it. For me a lot of those guys are too young to be really sexy. IMO Alex is at the perfect age for a man. He is mature and he has the look and demeanour of a man, not a boy, but nothing is sagging yet. :D And his eyes…………*swoons*

  6. He should always be higher, but you have to admit that 15 out of 100 is pretty good. I’m sure Joe is higher because of Magic Mike, Stephen Amell, while is nice to look at, I don’t think he deserves the number one spot. I’m also surprised it’s not Ian.

  7. […] who made Buddy TV’s 100 Sexiest Men of 2012 list? If you guessed Eric Northman, played by Alexander Skarsgard…you are correct! Click on […]

  8. This list is interesting because sex is in the eye of the beholder…my #1 pick would be Matt Bomer.. he just oozes sex appeal in White Collar.

    My list #1 Matt Bomer #2 Mehcad Brooks, #3 Jensen Ackles, #4 Shemar Moore, #5 Michael Ealy, #6 Jared Padelicki, #7 Alexander Skarsgaard, #8 Derek Hough, #9 David Gintoli, #10 Stephen Amell..Bonus #11 Misha Collins (not on list.. shameful)

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