“Encounter” Alexander Skarsgård in GQ MEN Germany

GQ MEN Germany magazine features a full-paged ad for Alex’s Calvin Klein Encounter fragrance line in the January 2013 issue! Along with this ad, comes a story…

The scan and the story are below!


Here is the translation;

An unforgettable encounter

Remarkable and masculine – the men’s fragrance ENCOUNTER from Calvin Klein has the magic Moment of the first meeting, captured and sprayed; Passion and desire.

It’s a Moment, which changes everything. It’s going on, without any words and blazed Passion. With closed eyes, we experience the fragrance, robs our senses!

Then comes the ultimate glimpse between man and woman, the desire was almost unbearable. In this unforgettable encounter every room seems to have caught fire, when the body feels electrified. The aroma is intoxicating, passion rules us and the exciting tingle enlivens. It is the unique moment of Calvin Klein’s ENCOUNTER.

Special thanks to Jill for both the scans and the translation!

Hmm…if you’re looking for something for your significant other for Christmas…you can’t go wrong here!

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5 comments on ““Encounter” Alexander Skarsgård in GQ MEN Germany

  1. Nice ad layout. I thought I’d be seeing more of the video ad on TV, but I haven’t, unless I just watch the wrong channels here in the States. I thought the cologne smells great but unfortunately, my hubby doesn’t so I guess I have to get him his usual CK cologne, Obession, for Christmas…. AGAIN…..LOL.

    Thanks for posting this Erika, I always love to see something (anything) regarding Alex in articles!!!

  2. Who wouldn’t want to have an Encounter with Alexander?
    I know I would.

  3. To add to redthang’s comments, I also thought I would see an onslaught of ads for the holiday season and have seen nothing! Very disappointing. I really thought CK would have promoted this more. Don’t want to offend the Brad Pitt fans…I do happen to like him…but the Chanel ad was horrific and I am treated to that almost daily and see his face everywhere. Where is Alex? And where is my commercial?? Thought it was sooo well done and have been disappointed with the lack of promotion here. Maybe we should let CK know how much we like the ad but wonder where it is? I’ll get off my soapbox now. :)

  4. […] There’s a full-page ad for CK’s “Encounter” fragrance line in GQ MEN Germany (Jan. 2013 issue) – featuring Alex and a little story that comes with it! Check out the scans and read the full translation here! […]

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