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It’s a trip down Memory Lane this week with the very first Eric & Sookie Fan Video I ever saw. It revolves around True Blood Season 2, when 99.99% of the female audience began to realize what Charlaine Harris had already decided, that Sookie Stackhouse was with the wrong vampire!

It’s another biggie, with almost 250,00 views and is by eurasian625. Sit back and enjoy:

Eric & Sookie in


You can visit the maker on You tube here

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  1. Thanks for sharing this video with us Evie, I’ve seen a lot of videos from Season2 but this one is one I haven’t seen before. I think it is very well done and I just loved the song from it too (totally reminds me of Sookie and Eric’s game of cat and mouse from way back then).

    Ahhhhhh, thinking back to the beginning when TB was still pretty much a terrific show, its’ sad to see how far its’ sunk over the last few years. The writing (aka also known as the writers) has suffered and alas, our show has turned from popcorn for the adult mind, into cheese corny….Its’ really a shame thinking how great this show could have been if written better and sticking more to the books ideas instead of the crap they’ve been feeding us over the last couple of seasons.

    I know, it is what it is, and I still watch only because of Alex being in it, so for that only I will watch it til the end (which I feel won’t be too far in the future now). I think they’ll make it thru this oming season and hopefully season 7, if not for any other reason than to fulfill the contracts of the principles (Anna, Steve and Alex).

    Sorry this is so long of a post, but it makes me sad to think of what they did to such a great show that showed so much potential during the first seasons.

  2. Great video so many walks down memory lane. I love it . Thanks .

  3. thanks for sharing this geat video. I too have not scene it before. It does make you think back to when the show was so good!

  4. Another excellent video. For me, this was the season, I went, hmm, so who IS this guy that plays Eric Northman? I have to know more! And, well, I don’t need to explain what happened to you guys!

  5. […] Blood Season 2 and this Eric & Sookie music video called, “Boom”! You can watch “Boom” here! […]

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    Another Eric and Sookie Video!!!

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